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digital rebel

run lola run.

so I'm replacing one digital rebel with another.

the first one isn't here any longer and she leaves a big hole only partly filled by the new one. the new one lives in a Canon camera shop online. for now.

i see beauty all the time that i can't capture anywhere except in my eye written to my brain. maybe that's one reason why people get into photography in the first place. to publish what they want to share.

i also feel like i am on another planet from everybody else who has a personal camera. that's just about everybody else.

butBUT i need another thing to drag around all over the place like i need another hole in the head. or another muscle strain. this is a bunch of things: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi with two lens trains and a tripod and lots of other goodies. including an instruction book. one of my Friends here assures me that it's all automatic now and everything is easy. heh.

well, she's probably right. it's also very easy to take mediocre pictures. or ones that don't reflect your vision at all.

the last time I had an SLR it was an Olympus and my girlfriend stole it. oops, I mean, misplaced it. into her purse.

live and learn.

Kiota kept her Canon DR behind her very locked door at school, or on a strap around her neck.

maybe i should buy an Uzi with mine. or something with an attachment spelled RPG.

that will get me a hero's welcome when i arrive in Israel. some Western parts of Israel, that is. i need to send my papers to Naatz.

it will feel great to take some pics and decorate my walls in my new apartment. once i get going with this, i will need 736453 walls for that. it's expensive, of course, because it's hard to find an odd number of walls in any apartment at any zip code, let alone 02116.

especially since i will also go live in an orphanage on the other side of the world for awhile.

o well we are all orphans of some variety, right?


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