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draw what YOU want where YOU want to

Well, here and locally, High School [on down] just got over with. No more teachers, no more books [like the ones that have these geometry problems], no more boyfriends with ...... [fill in the blanks, I guess. Never had a boyfriend {yet, anyway} so I don't know!]

So yesterday this is what I found, on my way to my lunch hot dog stand.

So to celebrate: their names were Alix, Julie, and Margery. I know that because one by one they lay down on the cobblestones and traced each other's body outlines and giggled like crazy and yelped how it tickled, and then put their names inside the outlines. They'd been drawing up a storm with sidewalk chalk, all afternoon.

Sidewalk Chalk, unless you are below the age of 10, you might not have a passion for or knowledge of. They're these big thick pieces of chalk you ... well ... draw on sidewalks with. They'd created skylines, chambered nautiluses, trees, abstract designs, rainbows of all sizes and colors, blossoms and buds, stick figures. The word WAR, with a big slanted stripe across it. They were doing all this right in the middle of the street in front of an art supply store. No cars have been able to go there for a long time. It's been made into a bigbig pedestrian mall. Repaved with cobblestones.

Julie is going to be an art teacher, she said. Maybe all three of them are HS juniors, or seniors at the most. Julie had also decorated what was left of her torn-up jeans. With thread and yarns, kind of. With the same passions as she'd been drawing her chalk designs...

Then comes out this snippy adult threatening the garden hose to wash everything away. See, they'd expanded their cobblestone canvas way out into other areas. This "lady?" was the store owner or some other kind of puffy-wuffy.

So then they started with slogans. Like my subject here. They also said "Be The Picture You Draw." "Nobody can tell you what to do except YOURSELF." Janna, maybe age four, ambled on by with her mom and stopped, and studied the whole area carefully and then asked for chalk [with mom's encouragement]. She made a four-year-old version of a supernova [like Julie's bigger one.] The biggest part of her drawing was the word JANNA and an arrow pointing right at the center of her star.


I told Julie she *already* was an art teacher.

And I was the student, right along with Janna.

Damn right! We can write anything we want onto our own lives. Even explosions and supernovas. Even the big word DANCER [which none of these three are, except at discos and concerts if they can sneak in]. Even skylines, many of them, some windows lighted, some not. The root of the six-foot tree they'd drawn was a heart with big curly branchings. They drew it together.....

At least that's what I saw in it.

We all need to be below the age of ten again. We need to cherish that inside ourselves, because we were all of that once, and we can be again, and again and forever. We need to cup our own flames, our passions, against the windy adults with garden hoses who are snippy. We all need to be Janna, drawing big big arrows. If we can't be proud of ourselves and our paths, how can we expect anyone else to be?

And as for your paths, your big curly branches, who are reading: I am happy to be in your circle. As always .... and I think I was getting booted [HARD] to go the the camera store. Yesterday! Kiota is like that these days.....


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Jun. 18th, 2008 06:41 pm (UTC)
We need more Julies in the world so there's more Jannas. But as you said, we were already once "Jannas". Once a Janna Always a Janna. Eh? :)

Jun. 18th, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
I really like how their first names started with the same letter [same # of syllables, too] <-- being silly.

If Janna gets lots of continuous encouragement, sure we were and are and will be!!! !! Which we all need!! ...

Julie was a real blur, a whirlwind. Scooting all around there, ideas coming faster than she could use her chalks. Honestly, she looked like a track star at times: totally inspiring! She only stopped now + then to whip out her cellphone. [They all did.] Then there was a flurry of cellphone cam clicking. That's when Ki was all *pokepoke* at me again to get my butt in gear for the cam shop...
Jun. 18th, 2008 07:26 pm (UTC)
Maybe they will remember this, and remember not to become that "lady" - nice use of quotes btw.

Julie is an art teacher, and Janna is learning a lot.
Jun. 18th, 2008 10:56 pm (UTC)
O you bet they will remember this! They were all "Who's that jerk?" ... and more colorful words. Julie declared she would become just the opposite of her <3

The whole thing was all this spontaneous energy, unbelieveable.

I bet Janna went home and started right in on her own sidewalk and babbled all about downtown at her dinner table!

Best class I'd ever been in. I hope I pass the exam.
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