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kiota and the screenplay

Yesterday was practically incomprehensible. I kept talking about patterns that keep flowing around and through you and you're not asked to understand them, just to ride along with them. And don't forget to breathe.

I am now a Team Member at United Planet and although we did not play kissyface like this icon, it felt close to that, all the hugs are, in the middle of the next night now, even warmer.

One of the meetings I had was withe the Applications Coordinator who interviewed Ki on the phone, long distance, and had accepted her into the Cambodia program. So now I had both sides of this convo, Ki had asked my help / advice just before she'd called them. *Rachel said that Ki had been positive about not saving the planet or even the country, just wanting to mentor and be present for *one* child who'd been abandoned and neglected and living at the orphanage. Rachel said that she'd showed a clear-headedness and a maturity very far beyond her 18 years and way far beyond the usual interviewees. One reason why she'd been hit so hard by April 13. Rachel had warned me that she was on the verge of crying and for once it wasn't me doing that, I was called on to comfort her.

R also told me that she had not deleted a single part of Kiota's records or applications, that she popped right up along with all the rest of the team who will be flying out there in two weeks. And that's because she *will* be.

Also: two HOURS with the exec director. We brainstormed ideas about sharing visual images that would be produced by groups here and there all over the world, editing them into a visual panorama of what unites us. Not a single image of destruction because that is a common visual language of the media: death, disasters, corpses, everyone in the world knows what that looks like. The prelim storyline would take people in the world through a single day as a metaphor for a single life: birth at sunrise, youth, maturity, elder status, and another birth at twilight of the same day so that here was the promise for the next day, through the oncoming darkness. People at different ages would play the same character through that day: one from, say, Capetown; another from Tel-Aviv; Peking; West London; Tulsa; Melbourne; Prague; Tallinn; Nairobi; Kiev; as many group locations as we could get. Last image: nine characters, played by 54 people of different progressive ages, all 54 meeting around the same table at twilight to ... break bread together and hug one another... just as we do with Ki, at her very full cybertable ...

Sitting with David and me at tea were two others virtually: Kiota of course, and Lois, who was the first of us to respond to Ki's last post and who is filled with images of light and rebirth and re-creation, and who said so then, and says so now... Lots of what I was saying about the storyline was coming from them both.


Alone we are but a single drop. Together we are an ocean.

I have a spanking new passport [for reals] without a single stamp or endorsement yet. That's gonna change....


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Jun. 13th, 2008 10:50 am (UTC)
hoping those are tears of joy! <3
Jun. 13th, 2008 11:04 am (UTC)
And the meetings were sooooooo exciting...words can't do them justice very much...:)
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