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Molly 2 / the cost of cuddling

Rd: You didn't feel a thing, did you.
Mp: Of course I did.
Rd: No, ya didn't.
Mp: [sigh, suppressed laugh]
Mp: Does it matter?
Rd: So it wasn't real?
Mp: We DID it. That was real!
Rd: No,no -- but you didn't feel a thing?
Mp: What do you expect? I mean, you hired me!
Rd: Yeah .. but a lot of stuff happened since then.
Mp: No, nothing's happened. No, it's all in your head.
Rd: What about yesterday?
Mp: What did you think, that I was falling in love with you?
Rd: Yeah.
Mp: Oh my God.
Rd: I love you.
Mp: [whispered] You don't even know me.
Rd: Well..

Mp: Look. I know what you want. You want, you want to get a girl hot, you want to think you are so smart and so smooth that you could turn any girl on, and you paid me a lot of money, I wanted to do it right, I wanted ...

Rd: You DON'T know what I want, okay? You don't have a fucking clue what I want.
Mp: You can't buy my feelings...you can't make me love you ...
Rd: No! No! No! But we're people, aren't we? And people feel things, don't they?
Mp: Rachel. I'm your whore.
Rd: Have I EVER treated you like a whore, have I ever been anything but good to you?

Mp: No, no, it's not about good, or bad, it's about MONEY. You have it and I don't. You pay me to do this so I did it. You paid me to enjoy it so I enjoyed it.
Rd: Well, then you are just dead aren't you?


adapted from :Ellen Benjamin Wong (c) 2000 :: screenplay
"The Center of the World"


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