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Confection Infection and Bruise Control

Not to leave out Atomic Muffin, Candy Coronary, and Nikita Frankenstein. And the other 18 of them. And the Skater Tots. The Tots are apprentice members.

One of the Skater Tots works at the med center and she sold me a fundraising ticket. The group is Vermont's first roller skating derby team. On the way to compete nationally.

I totally love their performing names. As a performing artist myself.

So I went to the event at Higher Ground tonight. Maybe only two on my flist will know about that: it's a huge dancefloor rock music club in town with two bars, 50-foot stage for bands, lots of lighting and open space, and tonight, the derby demonstrations.

All I knew about roller derby women came from Raquel Welch and the Kansas City Bombers, in a longago film. Tonight I was warned to back up off the track or get back into my tank.

These women are absolutely powerful and empowered and from all over VT [Chicago and Vegas, too] and they live up to their name: Hell on Hot Wheelz.

Courtney is the founder and brainchild of the group, she got pissed off that when she got to her middle thirties, she found no outlet for women like the ones that had given her so much physical / emotional satisfaction in school: soccer, lacrosse, even equestrian competition. So she started this up and they just got their Limited Liability Corporation certificate. Which means, among other things, they can raise tax-exempt money and get insurance.

I imagine that Twistpeach and Beagley had perhaps the same kind of brainchild-brainstorm when they took over our local HUGE downtown auditorium to put on Nightmare Vermont 2006, and later got involved in The Haunted Forest, both celebrations of October 31.

Closer to home: Kiota would have loved this. She would have put on fishnets and kneepads and taken both her cameras and maybe even applied to be a Skater Tot also: nevermind that she couldn't skate. [Once we got her in the club through Security, that is.] They'd teach her --- and on the rink, at her height she would be unstoppable. Tonight, she would have been excited by the women, who were totally friendly and outgoing. She would have filmed some interviews [which was happening all over the club floors] and made a documentary for college credit. Somehow I'm reminded of the time Sweetrush spent a day with her in Israel when they went out in the middle of the evening and hit the clubs. Not the same, but similar.

If there's anything the world needs more of, it's empowerment for women.

Even Skater Tots. My personal one is somebody I'd never want to meet in a dark alley. Tank or not. ... She carries her own light anyway, sun or not.

Well, maybe meet Atomic Muffin. Incredibly cute name. Fits her.

There's a raffle and one of the prizes is jumping out of an airplane to go skydiving. If I win, it's instant donation for her. [I'm up for watching from terra firma.] Hell, she probably could eat the plane for breakfast.



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May. 29th, 2008 08:00 am (UTC)
Oh man, chick roller derby! Sounds like a blast, as does the venue. They recently started something like that up here -- I should really check it out!
May. 29th, 2008 11:57 am (UTC)
Yeah, you certainly should. Our grrls "wore" these fabulous combinations of kneepads, elbow pads, helmets, microskirts, gauze halters, and fierce scowls. The lone 'referee' was a male whom they praised for his durability in spending two hours, three evenings a week, with 23 ladies accelerating their blazing wheels. He was also out there looking quite frazzled [*his* costume was black pants and b&w striped shirt and BIG helmet.] I think he wanted to skate away into the next state for safety. They announced they were taking apps for more referees :)

And up close and in the flesh [ahem] they were totally friendly. Another of my faves was Claire, who did cartwheels. Wearing roller skates.
May. 30th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
Sounds like quite the show!

I think either my bro or sis-in-law is friends with a derby girl and that's why they started going. They've really enjoyed it!
May. 30th, 2008 04:22 am (UTC)
And so will you, enjoy it!! ... remember to stand back or the balzing wheelz will get you, you can still get the aura all over the place :)
May. 31st, 2008 12:15 am (UTC)
Atomic Muffin. That's a really cute name. And skydiving would be absolutely amazing. I'm thinking about trying it in August when I have money. Roller derby sounds fun, too. Though I'd rather watch from the sidelines. :P
May. 31st, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
Yeah, Miss Muffin is rather slender and short compared to the rest of the Dames, she'll need all the atomic protection she can get .... I didn't get a call so guess I didn't win, but I've always wondered what the rush feels like of jumping out and then dropping through space on a delayed opening .... they have "practice" jumps, too, but I don't see how the first time has any practice in it at all, just exhilaration and terror, since your body does not have a single thing in its memory to compare it to!

I hope the next time I stand next to Muffin, either she is stationary or I am helmeted too and I have rocket assist bottles to get out of her way ... ;)
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