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kiota and shopping and her wyvern

We had gone shopping. For lots of stuff. As it turned out.

"Can you find another market like this?
Where, with your one scarf,
...you can buy hundreds of singing looms?
Where for one seed you get a whole wilderness?
For one weak last breath, you own the divine wind?
Now let your water-bead go and drop into the ocean again
...where it came from.
This offering is not repentance.
It is a deep honoring of yourself.
When the ocean comes to you as a lover,
...marry her at once, and quickly, and well.
Don't postpone it. This existence has no better gift.
No amount of searching will find this.
And, look! She has come to you.
A perfect wyvern, for no reason,
Has landed on your shoulder and become yours."

I modified a couple of words of this, from the Turkish, from Coleman Barks' translation of one of JAL Rumi's poems. The feeling and tone, of course, is intact. Rumi was a top academic student and tenured prof at university, as a young man: who, after living a transforming spiritual moment, completely turned his life around, quit his jobs, and went into spiritual teachings and verbal poetry for the rest of his life: he was a 13th-century Islamic who founded an order of spiritual dance which continues into this day.

Kiota wrote about wyverns, probably without knowing that one-name word but describing them perfectly, when she was 11 or 12, and posted her poem about that in her poetry pages. In her young eyes, the wyvern she knew [and thoroughly loved] at that time came to a sad end with her pen [and keyboard].

This new wyvern is immortal and so is she. In fact, this new wyvern was with us as we sat together for the last time on Friday before I flew away.... flying not atop a wyvern that I was aware of....until now. I guess mine knew the way to Boston, as well....

Rumi was talking about "fana" and he was deeply personalizing that. Discussing fana would take much too long here but you can Google it easily. If wyverns are new to you, they live in Googlespace too ;)

I met up with Rumi and his life and his poetry and fana long before I met up with Kiota.

Butbut: sometimes things are timeless. Right?


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