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kiota in shadowland

this comes from a friend whose only connection to Ki is through me. and art.

she found it in her quotes folder and does not know who the author is.
maybe it's a collaboration?
i certainly know who one might be.


all the while you were here
all the while you were near
in the twilight the idols speak
and in the twilight you'll always seek
a sentimental forgotten friend
who will always love you till the end

can't you see i'm all alone
this loneliness i can't condone
come on lady, hold my hand
take me to your shadowland
sleep awhile in sympathy:

come on lady walk with me
come on lady, walk with me.


as i'm typing this, an image jumps up: it was overcast most of the time on campus, but at one late hour, one afternoon, for awhile the sun came out. we were walking to the dorm. it cast moving shadows of us. mine was tall and hers was small. moving over onto the grass and on the walkway.

there's such a thing as "illuminated shadows" in stage lighting design and art. there weren't any spotlights around that afternoon, of course, but the light was following us. even onto our shadows.

it still is.

and there's no forgotten friend around here, either.

her birthday is three days away, now.

Blessings Be.


kiota too late for the stars
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

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