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kiota and a living school

Ki found high school a challenging enough place that staying on its schedule wasn't possible for her. She referred to herself as a "dropout".

Here in the USA we have such a thing as a Test of General Educational Development or GED, which is a five-part series of exams on a pass / fail basis that you can take. If you pass them, you get a High School Equivalency Diploma which means just what it sounds like.

There is an alternative high school which she enrolled in, practically in sight of her home in Israel, which features intensive one-on-one tutoring. In an accelerated program, she earned the Israeli equivalent of an US GED and did well enough on her Scholastic Aptitude Tests, or SATs, to get into college in America: as lots of you would know, the SAT's are widely accepted tests measuring your ability to do work on the college level. Anna completed some further work during one semester at a community college in Idaho before she started her first-year studies at her four-year school. She did that at an age while most of us were still high-school seniors. Anyway, I know I was!

Anna's parents have started up a Memorial Fund at her alternative high school, in order to honor her achievements, and to offer support to new young students needing the same kind of close tutoring that helped her so much. It strikes me that a funeral and a gravestone are ways to look back and to remember April 13. A school is all about ways of looking forward. And the interplay of ideas. And debate. Which Anna loves.

I want to post a link to their site right here at the end so you can go check it out if you want. It's very much a part of Anna's life and energy in the last three or four years.

Anna's parents have no idea at all that I'm writing about this, but if any might feel a personal need to become part of helping keep Anna alive in this way, you could Email me through LJ and I'll tell you how to make any donation you feel like. Just reading here, of course, is a donation all by itself. A giving of your time and your heart.



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