Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad (silverplate88) wrote,
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

so in my odyssey around America here I am sitting in a WiFi hotspot at JFK wishing I was flying one of these jets to Texas, instead of sitting in a big cigar for four hours.

never had a New York Experience like this [and I've had LOTS]..... got to meet and share with Stacy after we chased each other around for two hours in the E Village, separated by three blocks [THIS is why I flew 400 miles?? ??] but we eventually had a time in the park, let me tell you ..also some awesome shows involving Judith Ivey, Albee, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and "Attorney for the Damned", meeting the cast and a retired criminal defense attorney who wrote this musical about murder and rape and digital surgery, and who got one of Billy Joel's tour guitarists to sit in. The playwright now owns a bar and two theatres and does not do any more criminal defending and you can see why. Especially the bar part.

a musical about rape and murder?? wellllll, you hadda be there. the lighting was pretty sketchy but Amanda went on dancing in the dark, anyway, she was awesome awesome.

next up is Texas and Seattle and unending partying, apparently.


*after no sleep last night, toddles off toward gate to find a blue tail*
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