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ashley and the kids

The next state over from me now has one ex-Governor and one promoted Lt. Governor who takes over leading the Albany pols on Monday. Spitzer was caught with one hand inside the bank's cookie jar and the other hand inside ... well, TMI.

Ashley was the sex worker involved and she's now world-famous for her 15 minutes, then it will be business as usual. Spitzer be damned: the real tragedies are what is happening to her, and Spitzer's three teenage daughters, who have to keep on going to school each day to who-knows-what kind of cruel peer commentary behind their backs and in front of them; they don't exactly have the option of dropping out and joining some nonprofit group to help humanity, like their Dad says he's going to, do they?

This all harks back to Chelsea Clinton. Today Miss Clinton is a Stanford graduate making $200,000 per year doing not much of anything but letting her boss use her name, equivalent to window-dressing [imagine the clients coming in when they hear 'Do you know WHO works for us?'] --- while she trundles around the country stumping for her Mom. Back 10 years ago, Chels was not quite 19 when her own Dad the President was outed -- to the point of House impeachment and Senate trial, a Constitutional crisis-- for lying to Fed investigators about what he had been doing with, to, in front of, and behind one of his White House interns, Monica Lewinsky. They weren't exactly talking about political science. [One amazing piece of evidence was the new use he was finding for a cigar applied to Monica's .... well, again, TMI and you should go read The Starr Report. Thankfully the cigar did not seem to be lighted at the time.]

Starr's book is all but forgotten now, but back then, it went flying off all the shelves in America, let me tell you. I think later on it was even revealed that Chelsea'd read it.

At 18.8 years, Chelsea was completely muzzled from talking to the press [as she had been for all the time she'd been First Daughter, from age 13], and she was trotted out as a visual prop between her parents, all holding hands as they tripped off to Nantucket or somewhere to decide if they were going to stay married.

Chelsea, as well as the three Spitzer teens, has a great memoir inside her and I hope she'll come out of the closet with it someday: 'this is how it felt to find out that your Dad was screwing around and breaking Federal laws'. International bestseller, but don't look for it for awhile, especially not if we end up with President Hillary Clinton.

Ashley might well survive all the media piranhas and be able to go on with her singing career in a whole new style. No, I mean, SINGING as in on a public showbiz stage, on film, YouTube, or in a recording studio....using her musical talents instead of other ones. Or, maybe, in addition to ...? I dunno, you never know.


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