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return to cyberspace, timelessly

Well, it was a long time coming.

My laptop died in 2006 and since I had all this computer support at school for / with my students, it was a lot easier to do that. Much less expensive, too! Besides, the one of them that went to Harvard Med had a junky one for way after hours....

Beagley, ever the compassionate rescuer, said I could either pay him $300 - $400 to revive my ancient dog (1999, Windows 2000 Me, 16 or 32K RAM, maybe 8GB hard, no videocam, Microsoft doesn't even support its own failed software anymore)...or I could join the 21st century and put his 300 - 400 towards a new one that I'd buy. *gets mushy* --> Even if it was ancient and doggy at the end, it was a gift and all I ever spent on it was five dollars for its cemetery fee at ReCycle North and maybe $29 for a new case in 2004. The case survives just fine, thank you.

After I go writing a big song and dance entry about the performing art of buying a computer at the store, Kiota totally outperforms me by getting hers on Ebay for something like $200.
Well, almost outperforms. Her remote webcam does freezeframe like a champ and mine, which is integrated, takes perfectly precise images of me that I haven't learned how to send out of the room, let alone across the nation x.x But we had lots of fun playing the other night.

So this newsflash is coming from a brand spanking new H-P Pavilion dv6661se Notebook, 2GB ram, 160GB hard, Vista 64-bit and a bunch of other Microsoft office / home / portable stuff. It's wireless and I have a wireless mouse that hides on me a lot. And I know that Vista is a byte hog but so far I don't mind. They tell me that I can always buy a remote hard drive with all my savings....savings? where did they go? ..mayhap the mouse is searching for them.

This beautiful pussycat started at $1050 and was marked down to $750. Then the three days of performance art started: there's lots of prep for a new notebook [dunno, remember I'd never bought one ever in my young life before now] and lots of programs I JUST HAD TO HAVE [according to the five salespeople, they kept appearing and disappearing and morphing into vampires] --- --- like antivirus this, antivirus that, etc., etc. Then they totally postponed cranking her up --- 5 hours later everything was still in the original wrappers and my money was long gone --- till I went back down there and sat in a chair and read a book and watched them and grew all fearful of what Kiota would do to me if I finked out again on our webcam date [she's West-Coasting it this semester]. After that it took only one more visit to Dr. Hewlett-Packard to get things going relatively well and I'm sure I'm only using 2-3 of the 92346923856983274 features on this thing.

I know a bit more about accounting, maybe, than I do about new laptops. Being an ex-Managing Partner for our real-estate boondoggle. So I was lost and delirious to find the same charges reappearing on this longlonglong receipt, long enough to stretch across a bridge for the opening ceremonies. As in, how many times do you have to pay for the same software program thingie? This is going to cost one of them their job, or almost, according to the boss.

Apparently most customers don't go over their receipts ?? ??

After all the adjustments I think I will have spent $1350 or so.

So there are lots more rebates to come [not the instant kind, they tell me] and the expense will drop.

Instead of having to call India or Bangladesh or Botswanaland or Singapore in the middle of the night for support, I get to call Oklahoma City or Utah [difference, much?] 24 / 7 for two years, in case smoke starts pouring out of the back of it. That's what $232 bought, which they didn't tell me about FIRST, I just found it under my microscope and asked pleasantly what the hell this was.

And I can talk to you in the middle of the night in the most terrible winter weather we've had in these parts so far, and I can watch movies on my 15-inch 1280 x 800 High-Definition BrightView Widescreen and I can glory in the idea that I've actually paid for ad copywriters to write all those words so I can read them off the paperwork they "gave" me.

For sure this pussycat, running at 1.90 GHz, is totally much faster than my old dog --- but then pussycats usually have to be, no?

Now that I think of it, in the event of unexplained smoke, I probably could come crying to Douglas and he's a lot closer than any of these other places. I opine that he's usually bored at work but I also think it's 80 - 20 or better that he would run the other way when he saw me coming.

Also I got a cool Swiss Army carrying case for it, no moving parts except all these zippers, lots of padding, and a place for my toothbrush, even. That's for MY teeth, the fangs of my computer are still stuck in my wallet.

I understand zippers. And larceny?


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Mar. 10th, 2008 02:48 pm (UTC)
Re: joys of technology
Nope, just elaborated on the message. The deal was to see if I could save any data from my old hard drive and transfer it to my new hard drive [if and when]. You rhapsodized about this little mechanical dealie you had, that would read data input and transfer it like magic!....provided that some gizmo fit into the new socket, push-the-envelope-kinda-stuff like that ;)
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