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the color of money

The color of money is red, as in red tape, or dark brown, which it turns into as it gets stuck in the bowels of my bank.

Banks are of course notorious for grabbing as much money as they can and then holding onto it for themselves for a lonnnnnnnnnnng time before giving it to you. and if you overdraw your account, here in beautiful downtown burlington they ding you for thirty-seven dollars when it costs them maybe 99 cents to return a check. I know all about that because I taught criminal justice classes in Texas for the DA and I went to interview some bank people about it [wasn't hard cuz they'd been arrested and there they sat, right in front of me, learning to change their curious behaviors ---- with an armed guard right outside the classroom door: ah, nostalgia.]

Currently what really burns my toast is that there's something like a quarter million dollars which has arrived on the table from the sale of my home and I get a big share of it.
oh so that should make me turn multiple cartwheels, no?

Cue new scene: well, not exactlyyyyyyy 0*(@&^^%$#(*@&^%^#*...... while the bank squeezes all this gold in its tentacles I do NOT get to buy a new laptop so Beagley can help me load it, I do NOT get to perform on webcam,I do NOT get to put even a semi-permanent roof over my head, I do NOT get to make a very important charitable contribution to a very important friend, and I do NOT get to do a lot of other things. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

For your information and edification, any bank can clear any check in about five seconds, and that's if they type your numbers in slowly. Of course THEY will never tell you that, but I just did. Ah the wonders of Internet banking. And of the Federal Reserve Interbank System, all of whose customers are other banks hahahahaha *cries*

However, if you get lemons rained on you, make lemonade: today it's raining ice and sleet and hail and snow, but my own personal lemonade is, it's Wednesday, *cheers* ::: ::: so it is Half-Price-Burger Day downtown at Ri-Ra's, an Irish pub and restaurant, so I can go save money on what's left of my melting credit card, and I can commiserate with Jenny, who is not half-price at all and never will be, cuz she's priceless [even though she's studying Accounting, I have lots of reasons to forgive her for that.] Ri-Ra's has been built into an old bank building where I even used to work [holy irony, batman] so it feels realreal good to go in there and sob into my beer about the injustice of the moneychangers...whom, I understand, were driven out of the Temple a long long time ago by some Rebel who didn't give a shit about banks??


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