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midnight IM with Bat89

Bat89:  wth ya doin?
SP88:   restin
Bat89:  wtf?????  ya eva c ME restin?
SP88:  tiredtiredtired
Bat89:  what stories ya gettin from the sun?
SP88:  not a peep since 8PM
Bat89:  then get the hell outta here
Bat89:  u r gonna croak, quick!
Bat89:  roofs fallin skys fallin
Bat89:  like those miners over in utah *cries*
SP88:  wth ya been smokin?
Bat89:  fo realz, like i know what im  talkin bout
Bat89:  i havent seen the sun 4eva
Bat89:  been flyin for years, always in the dark
Bat89:  flyin so long ive lost my wings and feathas
SP88:  OMG u r nekkid
Bat89:  nuttin left on me but fur heh
SP88:  haha good thing its so dark we cant see *that* 
Bat89:  not even a shadow heh
SP88:  whys ur nose all black?
Bat89:  maybe ive flown out the other side of the sun
SP88:  im so surrrrrre with ur eyes closed
Bat89:  fu maybe im in need of sunlight
SP88:  maybe u r in need
SP88:   of professional help bwahahahahaha
Bat89:  ive listened so hard for the sun to talk to me
Bat89:  that i got all swallowd up
Bat89:  so i gotta get closer sweetie
SP88:  nuthin but fur <3 ??
Bat89:  nope
SP88:  *tangletwist*
SP88:  wings and feathas    shit
SP88:  in the dark  riiiiiiight
SP88:   u couldnt even see where the hell u r goin neway
SP88:  u r like an insect at the bottom of the well here
SP88:    hopin to reach the moon 
Bat89: i gots radar gaydar so fuck off  go back to sleep
Bat89: im takin off
Bat89: cant learn nething here
Bat89: gonna find the sun on the otha side a the dark
SP88: IM me when ya get lost again
Bat89: its the only way 2 go
Bat89: yo
Bat89: ill take ya with me
Bat89:  shake yo feathas sugarrrrrr
SP88: *snore* 
Bat89:  crap she pulls the dark around her 
Bat89: afaik shes the one thats lost URGH
Bat89:  *exhaustpukes* 


adapted from Conference of the Birds
  :F. Attar, 1157; and, Peter Brook, 1982 


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