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the news from school

in a couple of weeks we go vote on the school budget.
I'd rather scatter my rose petals, indeed.
Or maybe pick them up again, once I get Allison to move her left arm a bit :P

we vote to plunk down $45 million for next year: thats 9000 USD per student.

it pays for surveys like this, telling us why we need to spring for all 45 mil:

from kindergarten to HS graduation [ages 5 - 18], 52% of our 3569 kids have known an adult [21+] who has used pot, cocaine or some other illegal drug in the past year [for those challenged by maths, that's one out of two kids.] More than half of that number know at least one dealer. One of 8 has smoked pot before age 13 [and a lot of them are younger than 13]. One in four smoked pot at least twice in the past 30 days. And no wonder. 357 of those kids sometime in the last 30 days skipped school because they didn't feel personally safe, and, of those who showed up, nearly 400 were threatened or injured with a weapon *on school property* in the last 12 months.

Almost one in five of them boozed it up to the level of 5+ drinks within the last 30 days.
With the drinking age a faraway 21, of course. [That's ok, it doesn't stop anyone up here at the uni, either.]

Meantime, one in three of our HS grads fail to get into ANY 4-year college and their student achievement scores are in freefall, especially in maths, despite teachers teaching to the tests instead of to studyskills / lifeskills.

I'll grant you that reforming drug use in society is hardly the job of school system administrators. Providing a safe space for students to study certainly is. They fail at that, they deserve to be booted.

And guess where the lion's share of this $45 mil does NOT go? To the teachers, riiiiiight. After all, these administrators gotta have their Mercedeses .....

Ever try to teach a scared student ANYthing? Beyond coaxing them out from under a real or metaphorical desk?

Soyeah I'm a little jaundiced at what I see NOT happening in the public schools.
I'd rather continue as a rose gardener...


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