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welll " cat's pj's " is a bit dated
but molly is not. not ever.

Molly is a Canadian actress most familiar in the States for her recent work in the HBO series "Deadwood". One of her several CAN films is "Kissed" [1996], where she stars in a script by Lynne Stopkewich and Angus Fraser. The script concerns such dinnertable topics as sexual necrophiliac multiple orgasms, suicide [not Molly's character,] and Wiccan practices among young girls: it was nominated for eight Canadian Oscars and Molly won one of them as Best Leading Actress.

This is Molly's opening monologue voiceover [screenplay nominated also]:

When you die
your life flashes
and you disintegrate radiating energy
When a thing turns into its opposite
when love becomes hate there are always sparks
But when life turns into death it turns explosive
there are streaks of light magical and electrifying.

Everyone senses something
some energy some spirit
some sort of illumination


i SEE it:

I have seen bodies shining like stars
some say there is no soul no afterlife
that life and death is the straightest line on the compass and nothing more

I say believe what you want:

because no matter what you do --
cut everything up, burn it all down,
you are in the path of something beyond your control

I've always been fascinated by death:
the feel of it
the smell of it
and the stillness.

I did the things I did
to find the edge

to feel the end beginning.

Any thought you left from pushes you farther out.

crossing over
was glorious and overwhelming
it was absolutely addictive.

I looked right into it
I looked into the sun without being blinded
Indeed I could see much much further

I was totally consumed.


kiota too late for the stars
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

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