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America the Violent

Once again. Cathedrals are lighted, matches struck to candles.

In the middle of a PowerPoint presentation yesterday at Northern Illinois University, a grad student ran out in front of the class from a side door, with a shotgun and three pistols. 160 are registered in there, hopefully some skipped the lecture. Some but not enough.

He blazed away and killed five kids, and then himself: three of the 15 others he wounded are in critical condition [one of them with shotgun wounds to her arm and eyeball].... his aim was all too good X.X ... and he was Steven Kazmierczak, a Dean's Award student at Univ of Illinois / Urbana-Champaign, co-author of a grad school study of Federal prisoners in the US who suffer from SI. He'd gone off his meds recently and reportedly was acting bizarrely before the day. His girlfriend stayed home that day and let the cops in to their apartment X.X

Anyone who either is a student now, or works with students, anywhere in the USA [or ftm even the world,] should take a moment to remember the innocent NIU students who were slaughtered in a millisecond. Especially impacting me, b/c not only do I have a background in state Criminal Justice, I've been there sitting in the front row of our own med school PowerPoint lectures working with student presenters. So do lots more of us. No girl is an island. No man is, either, as Donne wrote.

So all Americans are constitutionally guaranteed the right to buy weapons and ammo and keep them hidden in their homes. That's 300 million of us, minus minors [lots of whom flaunt the legal restrictions anyway.]

That's what made Virginia Tech possible last year, and Columbine High School, and all the rest of them. Government simply has no way to control the sick, effectively enough to prevent them from arming themselves. Happens over and over.

When is enough going to be enough?


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