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Saoirse Ronan

soyeah I've just come from "Atonement", new film written by Christopher Hampton, who won an Oscar in 1989 for "Dangerous Liasions".

< -- that's Keisha Castle-Hughes in my icon, famed for her title role in "Whale Rider". she got an Academy Award nom for her role some years back.

now here comes shur-shuh, which is how you say her name in English: Saoirse is Irish and means 'freedom'. this grrl is absolutely brilliant in the film and she's only in front of you during parts of the first 40 minutes: a 13 y/o from New York in 2007, playing, well, a 13 y/o from London in 1935.

Atonement got 7 USA Oscar nominations this year, and one is for her. of course a bigbig part of her being absolutely brilliant is how she's costumed, lighted, the sets she runs through and plunges into, the words she says, and the music playing under her scenes. all those artists got nominated too ...

this is a work of visual art [approaching "Girl With A Pearl Earring"] and everyone should go and be sucked in and drowned in that. it's also a story about honesty and integrity, approaching David Mamet's script for "The Verdict"; and, the incomparable Vanessa Redgrave plays Saoirse at age 85, at the conclusion of the film, which is also about writing {Kiota, listening?? ?? XD} as well as time traveling. yessssssssssssssssssssss !! !!


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