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agricultural anthem for Arizona

The winner of SuperBowl 42 in Arizona tomorrow is the Los Angeles Heartbreakers and their quarterback Mr. Tom Petty, who will earn their world championship during only a few minutes of halftime. His cheerleaders will have been all warmed up as you see them.

Perhaps Mr. Petty will go downtown with the following metaphor anthem to farmers everywhere who are dedicated to dealing with students [of all ageless ages] so they can meet their needs [of all different varieties and prices.]

Of course, here in The People's Republic of Vermont, we have one-tenth the population of Indiana, less than one-tenth the number of farms, and one-thirteenth of the farm acreage. But we manage to get the job done too: short passes between the goalposts of all different varieties and prices. Done, and done well.

You don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. But don't worry. You will someday.

I wanna write her name in the sky:

she grew up
in the Indiana town
had a good lookin' mama
who never was around:
but she grew up tall
and she grew up right
with them Indiana boys
on them Indiana nights.
when she moved down here
the age a 18
she blew the boys away
was more than they'd seen !!
I was introduced
and we both started groovin'
she said I dig ya baby
but I got to keep movin. On.
[keep movin' on...]

well I don't know
but I been told
you never slow down
you never grow old:
tired of screwin' up
tired of goin' down
tired of my self
tired of this town !
o my my
o hell yes
Honey, put on
that party dress!
buy me a drink
sing me a song
take me as ah come
cause I can't stay long.

there's pigeons now
on Market Square
she's standin' in her
lookin' down
from a hotel room
and that ball will be
comin' soon.
oh my my
oh hell yes
you got to put on
that party dress!!
it was too cold to cry
when I woke up alone
I hit the last number
I walked to the road:

Last Dance for MaryJane
one more time to kill the pain;
I feel summer creepin' in
and I'm tired of this town, again.


MaryJane just changes her name and never really leaves you, of course. Day or night.
It's never too cold to cry and you never wake up alone.
All them farmers can't hardly be wrong, nohow.


:Tom Petty, "MaryJane's Last Dance", (c) 1989


kiota too late for the stars
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

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