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Sarah Silverman tells Why Things Suck / 1

[Let's be clear: Sarah Silverman does not suck. Quite the contrary.

In her nightclub act, this is her most-quoted joke:]

I was raped by a doctor. Which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl.

But does she not know how much things suck? Nope, she rejects cynicism, she doesn't buy it:

I love technology, I'm all for it. I would say the only things that truly suck are those things you cannot control: all other sucky shit can get unsucked just by changing your perspective a degree or two, or just doing something about it. Like when these idiots in my audience shoot low-quality video of me and post it to YouTube. I make a joke explaining why I'm asking them to stop, and then guess what: they keep on shooting, ususally with shit-eating grins on their faces, waiting for me to get mad or do something embarrassing. THOSE people suck. They suck balls.

[But the real reason science sucks is not because it doesn't handle issues of morality, spirituality, or the meaning of life very well at all. Since that's cool anyway. We have art and religion for that stuff.]

No, the real reason science sucks is that it makes us look bad. It makes us bit players in the Big Story Of The Universe, and it exposes some key limitations of the human brain.

Look at it this way: before science, we humans had dominion over Earth, the center of the universe. Now we're just a bunch of hairless apes on a wet rock orbiting a minor star on the edge of a marginal galaxy. Even worse, these same cortexes that invented science can't really embrace it. Science describes the world with numbers [ratio of circumference to diameter = Pi ! ] and abstractions [Waves! Particles! Waves again!] but our intractable brains evolved on a diet of campfire tales: fantastical explanations [angry gods hurling lightning bolts] and events with dramatic endings [saber-toothed tiger attacks] still make much more of an impact on us than do statistical norms.

Evolution gave us brains that crave certainty --- but meanwhile, the true wonders revealed by the scientific method :: like species that change into new species over time, continents that float on plates around the planet, a quantum-mechanical world where nothing at all is for sure :: are far worse than counterintuitive. To a depressingly large number of us, they're downright threatening.

In other words, thanks to evolution, half of all Americans do not believe in evolution.

:Thomas Hayden and corresponding editors, "Wired" Feb 2008 (c) The Conde Nast Publications

This reminded me of Beagley a lot. Probably b/c he's the most highly evolved single-person blend of science and art I know. After myself.


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Feb. 1st, 2008 04:23 am (UTC)
I totally didn't understand the joke D:
Feb. 1st, 2008 04:43 pm (UTC)
Yeahhhh...I'm neither a Jewish girl nor a rape survivor; she's the Jewish girl and apparently her joke enraptures / agitates / zombiefies her audiences when she tells it O.o .... dunno, never seen her perform her act in person :P

I think it refers [accurately or not? it's neither my joke nor my heritage] to the Jewish cultural tradition of families trying to select rich professional males to be grooms for their daughters, assuming all doctors are rich professional males. The rape is the bitter part of "bittersweet" imho.


There's some reason it's her most-quoted joke ?? but the article writers don't say what that is / are ....

Bet the "Wired" editors will get letters about it x.x

I personally don't think there's one single thing to joke about concerning rape. Nor do a lot of people.
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