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the cries of a million birds

Fade in on the sea:

the sea is violent
the sea is still
the sea breaks against the rocks
the sea laps the rocks
a bird is flying over the rough sea
a bird is flying over the calm sea
a bird is flying over the sea
a bird is flying over a single curragh on the sea

and through this we hear a VOICE:

The life of a boy a-growing on the little island
was a great coming and going:
sea loud or silent
as a flock of snowing --
a great coming and going
of the weathers and the birds
and the seasons and the tides
and the singing of the Irish words
and the love of the world besides...

Fishing for mackerel or herring
in the Great Sound
or out after pollock on the Wild Bank
where the cries of a million birds were falling --
riding the wild waves in a Samhain wind
or turning in the Spring time
to the island of Inish Vickallaun --
There was so much to be done
under the moon and the sun
I cared for nothing
save the island people and the island ways
and the great passing of the days
to the sounding of the waves ...


:Dylan Thomas, "Twenty Years A-Growing", screenplay (c)1933,1942 [unfinished] [excerpt]


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