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in pursuit of peace

I've just found out that Abir's dad is coming to Temple this Sunday; Ohavi Zedek is just down the street from campus. Abir's mom and one of her sisters is coming, too. Along with a former member of the Israeli Air Force.

Abir, however, won't be able to come.

Abir was 10 and coming home from school in the West Bank when she was forced to run away from an armored IDF car. A soldier inside the car fired at her head, fracturing her skull. She died two days later.

This was a year ago. What makes Sunday noteworthy is that both of the adult men, from different sides of the war, have decided that killing will not solve a single thing. So they combined to found a group called Combatants for Peace. And they are on tour together to give their message from the same platform.

Abir's dad had been a teenage terrorist member of Fatah and got thrown in jail in 1986 at 17, for seven years. The IAF officer was a founding member of a Black Hawk chopper unit in the IDF, until one day in 2003 he told his CO that he wouldn't fly any more missions because the war was illegal. End of IAF / IDF career.

What makes this war, and all wars, unfortunate, is what they do to mothers and kids. Who, by and large, are innocent civilians. No matter what flag they wave.

My own sympathies lie generally with Israel, mainly since I don't see them as terrorists and who, like Americans or French or Italians or Nigerians or any other population, I think have the right to fight back against anyone who desires to 'wipe them off the face of the Earth'. Besides, I have some Israeli friends. Both here and irl.

I think the responsibility lies with the genocide-sympathizers and suicide-bombers. To shut up, and to stop.

That would go a long way towards saving the next Abir. And the next Rachel, the next Matat and Kinneret ... all of them. We need them.


Abir: http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article6403.shtml


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