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spread the joy

A few days before Christmas who should I see in front of the downtown mall but Beagley and Twistpeach. 'Twas unususal because they are about the only two LJ-ers I know irl, in fact I knew them that way first --- since we all had had Nightmares Vermont '06 together. [Photography, exec.direction, and lighting design, in that order.]

They bounced a couple of hard-rubber balls toward me and called out 'Spread the Joy'!!

Turns out they were bouncing them on the street towards everyone, one by one, almost all strangers, (1) to see if they'd catch them (2) to see what their expressions were.

So there were big people and little people running all around with smiles, trying to catch them and chasing them down and bouncing them to someone else.

Beagley and Twistpeach had gone into Old Navy and bought a bunch of them to just throw to people with that message. And I was totally totally charmed because:

(1) there was another man there with them who looked like a bigger Beagley [perhaps B's dad]

(2) my LJ friend Kiota had written a friends entry about doing the same thing in cyberspace: post a wishlist for yourself; and, if you could possibly grant some of the ones you would go and read at other LJ journals, do that ----- in order to spread the joy, to those owners, and to yourself as well.

How neat.

So I bounced along there with them merrily for a time: one girl caught one in each hand although she was loaded down with shopping bags! And, I kept one for myself. Haven't decided whom to throw it to, yet.

But the thought is very fresh although by now all the Christmas trees have been thrown out and all the dreidels put away for another year.

Spreading the joy doesn't ask to be confined to one day, one season, or one rubber ball.


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Jan. 18th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC)
Aha the Beagley Bounce .... an update of the dance frenzy of the 'twenties?

The compliments are for *everybody's* youthful energy: young at heart and children too [as we all surely are!] ... regardless of the colors of the balls we clutched lol
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