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fish out of water in the deep blue sea

When little Sierra was a Denver kidlet of 6 she dreamed of being a Little Mermaid because she had just seen the movie three times and had gone bananas over it.

Now a bigger Sierra is 25, way growed up to 5-5 and long past fighting teenage battles with her father about curfew [presumably], and she just opened Disney's new musical last night on Broadway, in the title role. It's too early to tell how long she will be swimming around there, but my post title is also the title of the Times review, which indicates that while little Ariel ascends to the beach to flop around with her Prince, $15 million USD has descended into the ocean depths of oblivion. On the other hand, also suggested: the show's motto "You can never go broke underestimating the taste of preschoolers." So the producers are hoping that a bevy of present-day six-year-olds will wrap enough of their tentacles around enough parental credit cards to keep their show afloat :: nevermind that the single-ticket price has floated up to $100 USD or more, and also nevermind that the stage sea looks like malevolent advancing plastic or that the costumes give Sierra / Ariel both legs and a mermaid tail --- quite long and seashelled and attractive, indeed --- at the same time. When the whole point of the story is that she trades her tail for legs by making a deal with the evil watery Queen so she can become a human and frolic with her human boyfriend, not only on the beach but all over Hollywood and Vine. Against her father's orders, natch.

Well I have found the movie delightful, and it plunged me into loving the new uses for clamshells and orchestral lobsters. And it was considerably less than $100 / seat. That, and I <3 red hair.

The new show might be worth my while to see Natasha Katz's lighting: she's been there 25 years [not there under the sea, but as a Broadway designer *gurgle*] and won last year's Tony Award for Utopia [script: Tom Stoppard] to go with her earlier one for Aida [music: Elton John, maybe that's why it ran for 4.5 years]. I once saw her design for "Burn This" and it totally totally sucked, so obviously she's improved. Or at least gotten bigger budgets. LOTS bigger.

But as I seem to be fresh out of $100 bills to invest, maybe I'll offer to take along a fave 6-year-old that I know. In fact, she can buy both our tix: her parents are loaded. And there's no way I will underestimate her taste, it's superb. Even though she's a blonde.




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