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it's not spelled with a U

Neither Wal-Mart or Walmartopia is.

But that letter is in both words, with lotsa humor, which describe the musical's attitude toward top management: the second of those words is YOU and the first begins with an F :)

Walmartopia has now closed [Dec. 30] but their website is still up at http://www.walmartopia.com and you should go look at that while you can [click on the happy button on top of her left breast.] I sat in the first row last week, with [of all things] a retired NYC showbiz electrician and his wife, and I was totally mesmerized. Not just by being four feet from all the happy commotion happening on stage at eye level, but by how much the show champions women's rights and the ornery independence of Vermont and the values of antimaterialism. I could watch all the lights dance around, too.

Wal-Mart the Musical tromps all over the rights of their female employees as to salary level and promotions, and Wal-Mart the Megacorporation right now is being oh so sued in a Class-Action case in civil court. For just that. Some of the funniest lines concerned Vermont's declaring itself -- the whole state -- as a National State Historical Preservation Museum, in order to keep the store from expanding into every tuft of pasture-museum we have. That is hilarious because --- well, you have to live here........

They went right into presenting one farmer, dressed in straw hat and manure boots and looking bewildered and holding a bottle of VT maple syrup [not the commercial, sugared kind].

For those who do not know what manure boots are, they are hip boots you put on and tromp out to the pasture and stomp all over what comes out of the south end of a Vermont cow facing north.

The show was in the West Village on a tiny [for musicals] stage designed to look like endless rows of W-M shelves; even the bedroom of the mother-daughter star team was vertically propped against the racks [they could only afford one chair and one bed on their combined "salaries".] A total hoot.

We have this one hamlet, called Saint Albans, about 22 miles up the freeway from where I'm typing this, who's successfully blocked W-M from building a freeway spur and opening a new store there: another hamlet is Williston, who chose lots of tax inflow money over our quaint local mom+pop stores and allowed this gigantic W-M to be plunked down next to two Indian footpaths [since greatly expanded, following eviction.] The rest of the State saw what this did to our quaint way of life and mightily puked.

I just came from this one earlier today and the only reason I went in was to visit Dunkin Donuts and to laugh out loud at my memories of the show. It's sooooooooooo right on. They even have suited-and-attache-cased executives dancing while sitting the entire time in their wheeled executive office chairs and it is totally a scream. [That's the Musical not the Williston Megastore.]

Since I am soon to be a FORMER resident of this fair state, I'm overjoyed to pack away such memories. I figured if anyone fell off the lip of the stage they'd hit the electrician first. He's a lots bigger target than me. And if it was the Hooters dancer waitress, [which it almost was, indeed] --- his wife would push her my way lol



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