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my cool limelime martini adventure

It's called The Blue Point and it's at 662 Ninth Ave in NYC.

Seafood and desserts and special drinks.

They have strings of tiny blue lights hung in the windows and blue and green mosaic tiles on the wall and this fabulous rotating colorwheel effect on the frosted glass behind the shelves of bar glasses. It seems like you could be swimming off Auckland.

They also have Olga. Olga is from the middle of the Russian Steppes but instead she looks like an exchange student from Edina MN. If you don't know what that refers to, think Michelle Pfeiffer in her early Australian days.

Limelime is a real person and Olga thought for a moment that it was her real name, too ... lol This limelime has a prancing longhorn steer for her LJ icon which looks exactly like she's had a few martinis over the line. A few of my girlfriends in Texas look that way all the time, too. So of course I had to go see what one tasted like. [The drink, I mean.] My friend Judy and I went there before the show. We would have taken the real limelime along too, except that she's busy hiding from 108-degree temperature on the other side of the world [Down Under], a bit far to prance to exotic New York.

So ---

Me: I'd like a limelime martini.
Olga: We have the Flirtini, the Pear and Watermelon Martinis ...
Judy: Who else would YOU buy a Flirtini for? [bats knife eyes]
Me: I really do want a limelime martini.
Judy: I'll taste one too.
Olga: What it is?
Me: Will the bartender know?
Olga: Of course. She knows them all. But just in case she asks me, can you tell me maybe?
Me: Well ... I've never had one.
Olga: Nooo?
Olga: [is dazed and confused]
Olga: What kind of vodka?
Judy: Stolychnaya.
Olga: O da, of course. [adds $2.98 Australian to the bill for each of them]
Me: Then maybe you could put in --
Olga: Some lime juice. And a spritz.
Judy: And two limes on the rim.
Olga: Two?
Me: Yeah. Limelime.

Good thing we made up the recipe. The bartender was clueless and she really *was* from Russia [no vodka confusions whatever].

So we saw and they came and they conquered. VERY tasty. 'Twasn't my idea at all. We have to thank the worldwide spread of LJ and the prancing steer.

The show afterwards turned out not nearly to be so entertaining. In fact these martinis were the second highest point of the evening.

Dessert was moist and tasty and had just the right amount of sugar.




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