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karma thrown around

We hear the word KARMA thrown around pretty loosely these days.

Karma is a law of cause and effect. Originally in Vedic times Karma referred to the ritual of sacrifice. People would sacrifice something they valued tremendously to nature at first, then to their deity or deities, in order to show thanks to the heavens and also with the hopes of receiving some goodness and prosperity back in return. For them, goodness could be anything from a fruitful harvest to plentiful rains, or even being spared from plagues.


:Christy Turlington, "Living Yoga" (c) 2002


The current pop definition is to say that our actions don't occur on a straight timeline, as the government measures our birth day forward to our death day, occurring in some year with a greater number. Instead, our life actions happen along the rim of a circle since our personal lifetime is really a circle, so that "What goes around, comes around."

Under this definition, if I commit some injury upon someone, I will be injured in turn, later on, perhaps in a place and day and by a person totally different from the original event. The same principle applies to performing some good deed or other for someone else, or for a group of friends or artists ... the spirit that drives it will return in a good deed for me.

Some corrupt this to mean that they do good deeds as an investment since they expect to get it all back in another [preferably greater] form. But for me and in this season, it reminds me of the definition of The Perfect Gift: in which both the giver and the receiver are unknown. The corollary is that in giving we will receive its satisfaction. And that takes no time at all!

Especially when love is involved.


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