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Sartre also told us what hell was

Fresh dialog on the shell casing:

By endlessly repeating the symptom you're never going to find the solution. The real questions you're asking are:

Why did this horrible thing happen to me as a child?

Why didn't my family protect me?

Am I ever going to be okay?

You're never going to find the answers to those questions by cutting into your body.  That only distracts you.  Cutting might have had some value as a survival tool before you were an adult, but it will never help you after that -- because you're no longer helpless, you're just re-enacting helplessness.

[Just as in writing a play or a short story,] he can recreate the event and he can also control the outcome --- meting out pain in safe, measured, manageable doses.  He can play the parts of both attacker and victim, then assume the role of loving protective caretaker --- sterilizing, bandaging his wounds, watching them heal...he can take comfort in knowing that no one can hurt him more than he can hurt himself.

Everyone in his life plays many parts, wears many costumes, dons many masks, practices with many props, calls to many audiences: the audiences change and he is changed ....


Adapted from Shakespeare, Dusty Miller, Mark Schwartz, the Karpman Drama Triangle, and Marilee Strong's book: "A Bright Red Scream -- Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain"


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