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a 20-year-old pseudo-virgin?

Well, planning my pre-New Year's trip to NYC, the theatre centerpiece this time is DAI.

DAI in Hebrew means "enough" and Iris Bahr is a former IDF Sergeant [Israeli Defense Force] who's written her one-woman, ten-character show about patrons in an Israeli cafe who get there minutes before a suicide bomber comes in.

Glyn O'Malley, in "Paradise", looked at the prelude to the same situation starring the teenage suicide bomber and one of her victims [2005]. The native actresses, Israeli and Palestinian, were both unforgettable.

Bahr also wrote a memoir entitled "Dark Whore: My Travels Through Asia as a 20-Year-Old Pseudo-Virgin". Or maybe that's another play. Anyway, she played "DAI" Off-Bway last year and I missed her, now she's back and apparently she's far enough down W 47th so her show isn't listed as "Broadway" and isn't on strike. So maybe I'll have better luck this time.

She's also billed as a neuroscientist, so that should be fun to see.

When I was in Austin I had all these pics of Rockefeller Center at Christmas on my wall, feeling forlorn in a good way. So it's a joy to come back and soak it all up irl. Even though I would be a total danger to all the skaters on the [ice]rink, it's fun to watch from the railings and feel safe.

Also, the 26th is supposedly the biggest shopping day all year b/c everybody takes their returns back, so I'll miss that too, by one day.

I'm not an overly big fan of one-actor multi-character shows b/c I'm into spectacle somewhat more. With one exception. Heather Woodbury wrote a show titled "What Ever", 20 hours of monologue for 7 primary characters and 93 supporting characters, one of them a poodle named Balzac, and she played all 100 of the parts. I designed the lights for her world premiere at THE VORTEX in Austin [edited down to 12 hours, 425 pages of script, six evenings at two hours each] and this lady is a whole 'nother ballgame [translated as: unique in the world]. Parts of that show, and her new show about what happened after the Brooklyn Dodgers left Brooklyn, both played PS 122 and they are spectacles all by themselves, as she is too.


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