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I could write a fucking book

Scene 99 / Int. Basement Apartment - Dawn

Agnes: So what am I going to do, right? I mean what do I know. I mean --- but I know what's going on, right. I'm fifteen. I don't have to be told. It's my body I know what's going on with it. So I know.

Sue: And it was your dad?

Agnes: Yeah.

Sue: Like your stepdad or your dad-dad?

Agnes: My father.

Sue: Wow that could make a book.

Agnes: Yeah I could write a fucking book.

Sue: So what happened?

Agnes: So I knew, no one had to tell me, I just knew. And so I tell my sisters, and we kinda turn it into a ... we all get excited because we think: It'll be great, right? I'll have it and it will be a little baby for all of us to love and to love us. And maybe we'd even be able to keep it a secret or something. I mean it had all been a secret already for so long so why not. And we so SO wanted her to be a girl. Because then we'd be this perfect kind of family of these four kind of perfect sisters. We were going to call her Marion Bridge, like after the song, you know:

"I'll trade you
Ten of your cities
For Marion Bridge
And the pleasure she brings."

Sue: O I love that song, we got the tape.


:Daniel MacIvor, "Marion Bridge" screenplay, (c) 2002 // Agnes is played by Molly Parker


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