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new yorking 1

Continuing New Yorking 2 and playing with sequential numbers.

Usually PS122 is awesome, they hosted an enthralling "Brecht's St. Joan of the Stockyards" earlier in the year. This time, in October they presented something called "Beethoven Live", which was almost a total mess. The director and choreographer were Czech and Russian, two of the four dancers were German, two American; three girls and one guy in drag [frock which he took off to display his red vinyl bikini.] The lighting was horrifically distracting and most of the time the dancers looked embarrassed to be on stage [the German girls in particular].

I guess for me it came down to a big question of taste: the top of the costume of one of the girls came down when they fell into a pile simulating an NJ earthquake [the story was that it was the potatoes that were trembling also] ... and she somewhat inelegantly pulled her straps back up onstage. Another of the girls lay passed out on her back on the deck, and we were treated to the guy kneeling between her legs, stretching them out and opening them up and spreading them; then, folding her smock back and high above her navel and studying her bare hipbones and sparkly panties [as all of us were too]. For a long time.

What all this had to do with the story of the dance was absolutely nothing at all; some members of the audience walked out though most didn't. It was hard to justify as dance, easy as soft [or medium-soft] porn masquerading as art. One of the Swiss pieces [see Part 2 below] had erotic sequences involving women coupled and holding their lips inches apart as their bodies danced beneath and around their heads, and the contrast was immediate and permanent.

Maybe the Germans and Czechs should take lessons in Geneva.


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