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Remembering Allison

May 4, 2017. Today.

May 4, 1970. Forty-seven years ago.

6438617_120829097678ALLISON KRAUSE.jpg

Allison Krause had been an honor student at Kent State University in Ohio, planning to finish up her freshman year and move on, she talked about opening an art gallery in Canada. With her Kent State boyfriend.

But she was shot by a sharpshooter in the Ohio National Guard, struck by a round piercing her chest and tumbling through her abdomen and causing fatal internal hemorrhages, struck as she was diving for cover behind a parked VW. DOA at the hospital, they couldn't control the bleeding.

The Guard killed three other unarmed students that day, shooting into the crowd of demonstrators protesting President Nixon's invasion of the neutral nation of Cambodia. During the Vietnam War.

Allison was a few days past her 19th birthday.

Nixon publicly was ordering an investigation at the same time he was on the phone to his AG John Mitchell, ordering him to cover up the identities of who shot those "bums". In whatever judicial investigations were organized.

So nobody was convicted for the murders. Not then, not 47 years later, right now.

Just as Kiota's life was ended so very early, so with Allison: never would we have any more healings, any more artistic creations, writings, photography, what have you -- from either one of them.

Allison had been working with mentally-impaired young people, trying to get them to communicate. With one great success.

Neil Young, a rather durable folk icon of the 60's and 70's, wrote in his song "Ohio":

"...This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground?
How can you run when you know?"

On the ground. In a dorm room. Yes, many years apart... Ki was born almost 20 years later than Kent State, 40 years later than Allison. But both were rebels.

On the ground, in a corner of a dorm room --- half a country apart, too.

They never met each other, did not know each other then.

But they do now.


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