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October and April

The last full night I lived in Cambridge, I did a number of candle studies. The late Fall weather was unhappy, lots of wind and rain, took many tries before I got both candles to stay lighted long enough.

........... IMG_2416 wind candle reflections LJ.JPG

Both of them had been finished with metallic chips embedded in the shafts. Of course there's lots of symbolism... the shorter one is Kiota's, and it sits inside the box my telephoto lens for our Digital Rebel T5i came in. Its glossy board reflects a third candle image. And my Rebel picked it right up, I hadn't noticed that before...

I'd be boarding a plane the next day, taking off across the country to Olympia and Evergreen, with no firm idea where I'd be staying or what kind of med attention I'd be meeting with (lots less than I would be needing, it turned out).. but that night I was one with the passion of the wind and the waterfalls, and even made a backdrop out of a patient bag from MGH, where I'd spent dozens of days and nights in 2015 (with no 'literal' candles.)

Not that I didn't care. About the uncertainty.

But I was mainly relaxed, filled with comfort at not being alone at all.

I expected plenty of challenges to come in Washington State, and they have. And they keep on coming. But I don't face them alone, no way.

October and April. April 30 twenty-eight years ago is her birthday. April 13 nine years ago is her re-birthday. And in a different way, and certainly inside and outside a different world, October 3 last year was my own.

Candles in the rain. There will be fire longer than there will be Aprils. Or Octobers.

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