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new yorking 2

So until I move there [which might be early 08] I commute and bring back big bites with my heart and fragments with my mind to write about.

Stolen Chair Theatre Company www.stolenchair.org is a group of inspired artist graduates of Swarthmore who mix up styles to present awesome spectacles. This time out [October] it was "Kinderspiel", games set in a 1920's Berlin cabaret cellar that children might play, and did, presented in the bodies of adults. A fave is "Commedia 'dellArtemisia", a take on the first well-known rape trial and conviction of the attacker of Artemisia Gentillischi in the medieval era [the icon is from their recent production at The Brick Theatre in Williamsburg] --- presented in farcical style complete with a drunk judge. Hopefully they'll re-present "Kinderspiel" here or at Swarthmore.

The Joyce Theatre is completely devoted to dance and even designed by dancers. They were hosting the National Ballet of Geneva [Switzerland] and this was a mixed bag, proving that just because you are from Europe is no guarantee of excellence, even though there were stunning moments.

Judith Malina and The Living Theatre have resurrected themselves in SoHo and restaged "Mysteries and Other Pieces" ...and although it had its roots in the Vietnam conflict, the show was as stark and immediate and timely as ever [see Iraq]. When an actor or ten dies with that much conviction, inches in front of your seat, being eaten up from the inside out with fevers and writhing, you're dead yourself if you're not touched.

How fast the curtain comes much too soon.


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