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the truth of light and sharing DNA

I wanted to write a brilliant screenplay.

I tried for years to write a brilliant screenplay, but it wasn't happening. I decided the reason why I wasn't writing a brilliant screenplay was because the universe of the screenplay was too broad.

I've always been the structuralist. I work inside the specific limitations of the theatre --- which is a time-based medium, centred on sharing DNA between the audience and the performer. A medium with very specific requirements. The cinema was an open thing: anything was possible.

In the cinema you want a mountain? Here's a mountain. Coming through greenscreen.

In the theatre a mountain is a sound and a particular quality of light.

The theatre is limited by reality and the reality of cinema is the truth of light projected on a flat surface. Something that once happened. Nostalgia. I only understood the immediate. Movement in physical space: something happening NOW.

So how was I to write a brillliant screenplay? I had no idea.

I decided my best bet was to write a play and then to base a screenplay on the play. The play would be the finite universe within which I could find the words for a movie.

That play was "Marion Bridge".


:Daniel MacIvor, from "Foreword" in the Revised Edition [playscript and screenplay] "Marion Bridge", (c) 2006 and earlier years: All Rights Reserved.


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