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stellens splendens


"Stellens Splendens" is some kind of case ending in Latin I can't identify, Google gives me plants and Butlerflies.

It refers to a medieval/Renaissance melody/anthem about a monk who is tired and hungry, gets admitted to a monastery for physical and spiritual refreshment, has an experience (-es) with the Virgin, later goes on his way, comes home to find that there is no such monastery on that pathway, the Brothers think that he is making the whole thing up. But our Monk knows exactly where he's been.The icon is part of a much larger pic of strings of Kerstmis lights strung in the trees in a square nearby where I was living, it's Kerstmistijd (Christmas Season), my first ever in Europe, 2008.

The pic is, believe it or not, a coaster for a coffee cup or a drink. It's one single piece that has been carefully laser-drilled into the shape of a large five-pointed star, hearts, and small circles resembling planets. There is not a single break anywhere within the piece.

What you'd miss is that all that material which has been removed in the center has created the outline of a winged angel. One of the large star-points has been drilled through, so you can make a tree ornament out of it.

Could not believe that the barmaid was throwing them away.

Saved two, brought them back with me in 2013, they measure only a few inches wide, gave away one to a close friend, wore the other one, as a necklace, to church Thurs eve.

We were seated in a circle, I read a poem, the circle of about 30 went gaga over SS, I passed it around so they could have a close look... one or two thought it had been made from thin layers of pressed paper, or from a single thickness of it.

Had no idea it would be so popular, years ago when I loved it in Holland.

Apparently I am popular as well, been asked to write and read a poem in next week's service.

In other news, it's her birthday tomorrow:


Blessings Be.


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