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My Short Skirt take six DormStorming Eve

Tonight is DormStorming Eve.
Tomorrow is 10 March, Harvard College holds its DormStorming events.
The day after is 11 March, the first day of Spring Break, which lasts through 20 March.
Many kids scurry off in all directions.

The idea of DormStorming is to have a series of big blowout parties where the continuing residents of each House ("dorm") try to convince first-year second-semester students to pledge to move in with them for their next three years.

Each House has college seniors who are going to be gone in June. Maybe 1600 will disappear. They'll create empty beds. Each House wants to fill up with current kids maybe before transfers come in next Sept.

Curtain up on big bigg BIGGG partytimes, sometimes overnights, regardless of kids who have pre-Break exams or pre-Break papers due. In the next two days.

Below-21 drinking, of course. Drug usage, of course. And something else will be going on in lots of those beds.

Sexual attacks.

Harvard College's President (who is female, as a matter of fact) started off this week Monday: "Sexual assault exacts a profoundly negative personal and academic toll on those students who experience it." She intro'd a Task Force report fessing up that Harvard College flubs on (1) prevention (2) PTSD support action, and flubs bigtime. Acknowledging that everybody knows it. One proposal is to spend some of their $50-BILLION endowment for a co-ordinator whose job it will be to organize all the haphazard foobyDooblying around that various Harvard officials are doing now, so that they will all get onto the same page and protect women (and men) students with things lots more effective than words.

About time.

Do you think that ol'Harvard would do anything like this without the hot breath of the Feds on their necks, who declare that HU violates Federal law by their inaction? Or without little prods here and there, like that from Alyssa Leader '15?

Sure, for Ms. Leader there aren't anymore DormStorms, papers, Breaks, undergrad graduation ceremonies.

That has ended with her graduation last year.

What will not end is her emotional torture at having to recite, once again sometime in the future when she gets the jury trial she and her attorneys have demanded, all of the details of her abuse, things like "John Doe 1", her attacker, as saying '...you like it when people treat you like shit. Maybe I should start treating you like shit to get what I want.' At one point he shouted at her that he could not take legal action against her 'for being a bitch or teasing me.'... 'Well, with the new Title IX policy, you can't do anything!'

That is all in her Complaint declarations, which are made part of the evidence at trial.

And all of this is coming down because Alyssa refused to be silenced.
Last year, this year, any year.

And that is completely in accord with Eve Ensler's activities, all pointed toward her goals of living an "organized response against violence towards women; we see a world where women live safely and freely.

We believe women should spend their lives creating and thriving rather than surviving and recovering from terrible atrocities.

We will work as long as it takes.

We will not stop until the violence stops."

And there is something, some small thing, each one of us can do, in our own time, in this time. Someone needs your support -- a smile, a kind word, perhaps a warm thought or two across the years and miles.

Right now.


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