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My Short Skirt take four

Just to clarify: Alyssa graduated in 2015 from Harvard, the youngest in my cast at UVM V-Day 2003 was eighteen, Class of 2006, the productions were twelve years apart (Feb 2003 and Feb 2015). Alyssa had nothing to do with the 2003 production in any practical sense. So here's her pics separately:ALeader01.pngIMG_9367 (5).JPG

The civil court case started a lively and sometimes insulting dialog on the site of The Harvard Crimson, which is the student newspaper, in response to its story.

One cooler head in that dialog actually went to consult the testimony, it has apparently not been sealed by the judge(s), here's what he posted:

"An actor is guilty of Forcible Rape if he uses an implied or express threat of physical force, bodily injury, or physical restraint to cause another person to engage in an act of sexual penetration...
...........................................Model Penal Code Paragraph 213.2

"He would often angrily tell her they would fight less if she gave in to him sexually...Leader eventually relented out of fear..
...Complaint and Jury Demand at 15, Leader v. Harvard Corp, No. 1:16-cv-10254-DJC(D.Mass.2016)

And the Crimson story has a link to the court complaint, all 29 pages of it, if you wanna go there. (I'll put the story link at the end of my post.)

Well, prob most of you know all about Title IX stuff, for regrettable reasons. There is at least one among us who is a civil lawyer (or there used to be) practicing professionally, who is a Friend of both Kiota and Lotus82.

I didn't know much about the leagle-beagleing so I looked it up, it's fascinating b/c (1) I used to be a paralegal (2) I used to be very active in semi-pro theatre and lost at least one friend and performer to AIDS abuse (3) It's suddenly a different world when someone you know, and respect as a creative artist, looks out at you from page one of The Metro (VERY public, national, free commuter newspaper).

The most all-inclusive ref is www.knowyourIX.com

The full legal name of Title IX is "Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972" and it refers repeatedly to the "Office of Civil Rights OCR."

There's a really helpful webpage where you can go to Washington DC, with their phone and fax numbers, and their email, and there's a checkbox where you can get the location of the OCR office that is closest to you. Here it is:

The legal issue with Alyssa seems to be that she followed the Harvard guidelines, the officers judged against her, she lost on appeal, they pronounced the case closed, that nobody had done anything wrong.

She argues that forcing her to go outside Title IX procedures to obtain a Civil Court Restraining Order constituted a violation of Harvard's Title IX legal responsibilities.

In point of fact, once she had done that and the papers got served on Harvard, Harvard miraculously and suddenly found a space in another dorm into which to move the perp.

Another facet of the argument is that her personhood and nature and future career has been damaged by Harvard's actions, and she wants the Civil Court judges to find for her (declare that she is right) and compensate her for damages (pay her some money.)

There's a little history relevant here: Harvard has a miserable record of compliance with Title IX, the Feds have already declared them in violation (2008, 09, I think) and is watching Alyssa carefully, and is watching Harvard Law School carefully also, since it was them who have been in violation before (of all people, one of the two or three best law schools in the world.)

Well, all of this dwarfs the small change Harvard might pay Alyssa to shut up and go away. If the Feds decide to bang Harvard with a big fine, that's international news and Harvard would NOT like that at all.

How big?

Well, on any given day Harvard's endowment accounts have somewhere around fifty BILLION dollars in them, that is five thousand million. Their operating revenue is five BILLION dollars a year, give or take a few hundred thousand. It's the biggest treasure chest of any private university in this country and probably in the whole world.

Are you seriously telling us that all that income cannot pay for a single EFFECTIVE sexual assault counselor?? Nope, if Harvard just wants to sing lovesongs to the Feds and won't do anything at all to "change the climate", as Alyssa says it, that encourages tragedies like hers. And only she knows the depths of her private suffering. She just doesn't want there to be any more parallel tracks if she can do something to avoid them.

And by proceeding even this far, she has certainly done that.

You go, girl.

(Ref to the Crmison story dialog: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2016/2/18/lawsuit-sexual-harassment-2016/


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