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My Short Skirt

This title refers to one of the Vagina Monologues, now an internationally-famous play presented principally by college women's activist groups as fundraisers to support women's issues, like SafeSpaces, Rape Crisis Centers, and the like.

I did the production design (lights, set) for our 2003 show at UVM and was an audience member at two others after that.

LJ ate up the first version of this post which I just took more than an hour to write, they saved four words. Is LJ anti-feminist??

I will re-compose it but not now, it's 3:41 in the morning my time in Cambridge, MA.

This post is in honor of Kiota Bandal, Evergreen Class of 2011, and Alyssa Leader, Harvard Class of 2015. They're both survivors, I got to meet and talk with them both, and Alyssa is in the headlines right now, in 2016. Headlines one day after V-Day 2016... Valentine's Day is the traditional time / weekend when "Monologues" is presented.

Alyssa is taking it to Harvard in public, in civil court. A couple weeks ago. She's traded in her director's script for some heavy legal weaponry.

She's tucking it to Harvard for their miserably abominable record in supporting women's rights. (Like, they sing happy songs and don't actually do shit.) The Feds declared them in violation of Title IX a couple years ago and are watching closely now.

Harvard wants Alyssa to go away and shut up. Crikey, she graduated a year ago!

But Alyssa is not going away. Alyssa is not shutting up.

I don't know what the size of Alyssa's skirt is or was, and I don't care.

But I do know the size of her courage.


More about all this in my next post.


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