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The post title is a lyric from "Nightsong", the first track on Trapezoid's 1985 CD "In The Cool Of The Day."

The CD cover pic is here:

That's Freyda Epstein in the lower R corner, Lorraine Duisit in the L. (That's NOT them in the icon.)

One reviewer cites their 'haunting duet vocals' and that's exactly what they are. Their sound and the lyrics are perfect consonancies with Kiota, who loved to wander at night in the evergreen woods right outside her Evergreen college dorm which was built right on the edge of the evergreen woods, which you walk through to get to her door.

More lyrics from Nightsong:

one in the tree
calling to another in the tree
calling out to me
what did you leave behind
what did you show
what will you need to take with you when you go, when you go...

one in the grass
calling to another in the grass
what are the questions you will ask
what did you wonder when you passed, when you passed?

Nightsong, in the grove in sundown, hear the Nightsong;
Nightsong, seek the meadow in the evening, seek the Nightsong;
.....in the darkness find the sound, hear the Nightsong.

Unclear if Freyda was lovers with Lorraine, they certainly bonded as vocal artists weaving their harmonies.

Freyda was 28 in 1985 when she laid down the track, also playing violin and viola. She was 46 when her car was smashed into head-on and was immediately killed. This came down in May 2003; at that time Ki was a school dropout, performing music on her piano and writing for her guitar, notably "To The Stars", a lovesong describing a dying couple whose love bridges them into a new world.

We don't know what new songs Freyda would never be able to write after May 2003, same for whatever songs might have come from Kiota after April 2008. But what we DO know are the gifts both of them, both Freyda and Ki, have left behind for us as they passed. Ki's images and her words --- what questions she was asking, what she was wondering in her last few minutes. Because she has told us. Then, and now.

The physical (and emotional) night outside her dorm in the woods offered sanctuary and solace for Ki, that's why she often sought it out, so many nights. And photographed it in the daylight and the shadows, also often; in fact, it was the first shot she created before classes started. With moonlight spilling into the treeline.

Linkages. Parallel paths. Go listen to Freyda, think you'll love her and the group.

Sanctuary and sound. Both Kiota and Freyda found it.

May we each one keep finding her own private path: sundown, evening, darkness, where it might lead... sanctuary and wonderment, sound and solace.


kiota too late for the stars
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

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