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she is soooooo hot

This is an entry to Ki's memorial website, but the pics I wanna share are right here, so I'll write here and link to her over there when I'm done.

IMG_0579Large (6).jpg

000 1B tacklesnug 2 (6) (2).jpg

Lj is rather insistent on chopping off the top of her head on the second shot, so that's why she's sideways. I'm sure those much more familiar than I am with all the tech will be able to straighten her out (pun NOT intended!) Or, you could just turn your head sideways!

Title of the post is an exact quote of what she said to me f2f about one of her lovers in college.

And "tacklesnug" is a favourite word she often used in her LJ entries.

These pics have their own warm history.

In 2006 there was a "release-party" for a Friend who had just gotten out of ED treatment in a clinic. The party was held in the only gay bar in Jerusalem, now long gone. Ki was just a bit over 17, so underage by the 18-year-old Israeli rules in effect at the time, which made the party so much more interesting.

They sneaked her in and kept her under careful watch, and at one point she went outside and played around on a motorcycle, there's a pic of that. However, that's not the only playing that was going on.

*Nurit was there too, who was a tad older lady, and she and Ki did some heavy hot intimate celebrating outside against the back wall of the cafe, so much so that the host honoree got apprehensive (where did they go for so long?) and went out to "rescue" Ki. (The jailbait factor and all...)

The first pic is an isolation of Ki in the group pic beforehand. The second is taken just after they came back inside, she was asked to pose for a pic with *Nurit. (*Nurit is out of frame to Ki's left.) It's the smile on her face in pic #2 that resonates down from 2006. Happiness and satisfaction.

There aren't many shots of Ki, she preferred most always to be behind the cam instead of in front of it.

"There is truth in the world, and there is beauty..." wrote Ki a year later.

After the formal party broke up, they still kept a watch over her. Buses had stopped running at that point (it was very late) so three of them went to shelter together (by car or cycle) and slept (?) until the sun came up.

My point in all this is for us to remember that there WERE happy times in Ki's sexuality, everything was not always the storm and torment and damage we're aware of all the time, and which is mirrored in many of our own lives.

Sadly, there were not many times in her life like this night.

A happy, excited tiener celebrating with her friends and protected by them and having new adventures. The celebration hosted by one among them who had successfully overcome her ED.

May we all have such adventures and such families. Not just in 2006. All the time.

Blessings Be.


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Feb. 3rd, 2016 08:39 am (UTC)
I'm glad she had this time for her.
Feb. 3rd, 2016 09:01 am (UTC)
Yeah, me too. Lois (LJ UserID Lotus82) took most of the pics, she was super-active at the party and one of these three lateNight cuddleBunnies. The hostess went on to maintain a shelter for homeless / abandoned stray domestic animals, which I think she is keeping up to this day. Super-high levels of caring and joy right there in the bar!
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