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fun on the sunfire newyear beach

Haven't posted a pic in a long time. GD difficult, I spose if you know the routine by heart it's duck soup, but I'm finding repeated errors from PhotoBucket (surprise, surprise) so I'm trying from Scrapbook:

Well maybe that got your attention, it got mine. There's others in my Scrapbook, getting this into the Scrapbook in the first place took about ninety minutes EURGH

This blaze is about 40 meters high, that's about 128 English feet, and winds kept driving the fireclouds much higher than that. The lateral distance is maybe 175 feet or 200.

It goes with these next words, these are the last lines from Kiota's poem "Crazy Is", and once this post is completed I'll go over there and link it:

Crazy is
alternate sanity
collapsing in a shower of sparks
to bring the fires
to burn the lies and truths together,
to let it all
crumble to ashes
and let the phoenix rise.

Ki wrote this in 2003, posted it on her AvidGamers site, then in 2007 in one of her DeviantArt gallery accounts:


I made my images just after midnight on 01 January 2011, standing on the beach with the North Sea at my back and a stiff wind blowing. The name of the resort and its wide beach is Scheveiningen and a bunch of us went out there, we even managed champagne in paper cups even though three of us were lawyers and there were cops and Queen's Fire Dept officers all around. It's a tradition in that spot that for a few days at the end of the year, great piles of discarded wooden cargo pallets are slowly assembled, then soaked with gas and lighted afire (SAFELY) by loyal and Official Royal firebugs to welcome the new year.

According to the local subjects and guests, in the first hours of 2011 things got all out of hand compared with previous years: out of frame to your left are many Royal Firetrucks and they kept loyal subjects away and watched carefully for smoldering embers landing (of which there were multitudes soaring up over the beach in the heated air.)

But the airflows were just fine for us, we could get real close, the heat from this fire got us very warm indeed, we were all dressed in boots, scarves, and parkas (you don't mess with Poseidon of The North Sea, he will freeze you in a millisecond!) -and all you needed to do was turn around 180 degrees and you would have that freezing wind in your face.

If I watched carefully I could see a rising phoenix, in fact many of them, none stayed around very long, up and gone, many journeys to fly...

Ki had written tellingly of fire and dreams and sanity in other places too, another is her poem "Burning Dreams".

So here we are tonight, not at the lip of the North Sea at all except in heated memory --- not there at all, but in Cambridge MA USA where it is below freezing with a wind from the Arctic by way of the Western Atlantic Ocean.

Time to share a BIGGGGGGGGGGG fire. Build one as well! (Watch out for your local equivalents of official Royal Firebugs!)

Blessings Be.


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