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as the world turns

Well, that's a sappy title of some daytime soap opera which is prob still running on daytime TV here in the USA, but the phrase happens to fit this post...

Happy Birthday to Otter as of 04 January, I said that to her earlier in a PM, we're in touch pretty much all the time; that's b/c we are, besides personal friends, co-Mods of Kiota's memorial website and I post over there lots.

So what is turning my world --- my cancers are all chugging away, as malignant hereditary cancers will do, but the good news is that brain scans yesterday and the day before were negative for tumors or other damages. Seems I will not be moving into a bodybag just yet. Even though I'm not out of a wheelchair very much these days, but actually I'm driving it much of the time instead of wheeling myself in it. This gives me lots of stability and, when I park + lock it, a comfortable place to plunk down my radioactive abdomen haha. I'm actually sitting in it right now as I talk with you.

The big world-turner now is that I just got to trade in my desktop for a laptop and my bff/computer guru, who lives one floor down in my building, has me set up on some kind of virtual wireless network connection point into the net and installed it, so you (and the world) can now appear on my worktable, four steps away (or a single wheelchair wheel-turn) away from my bed.

Chemotherapy via injections into my butt is continuing every three months, last is set for August this year. Unless something else happens first.

Second biggest world-turner is that we're controlling my lymphoma pretty well. For those who might not know (and I hope that is a whole lot of you), lymphoma = lymphatic cancer = cancer of your lymphatic system --- and it can kill you just as surely as leukemia can (blood cancer, which I do not have).

The short story on my lymphoma is that it has eaten up the valves in the lymphatic ductwork in both legs, so natural waste products from cell death (we all have cell death, mostly they're replaced by new cell births) --- the waste fluid can't get out of me unless I wear compression bandages or stockings to provide the pressure to get the fluid back into my system so the waste products can be destroyed.

This has nothing directly to do with, pardon the expressions, pissing or shitting, those are done through whole different systems inside you.

As my world turns part 3 is all positive, flew out to visit friends in Seattle for a week in October, we talk constantly. Was able to help the career of a streetsinger I met by sending her seven dozen pics I took of her which I want her to use on posters, album covers, etc... she approached me, not the other way around. Also, in December I went to the theatre three times, to the same show, it was that good, needs a separate post. The last time I went out to a show was Feb 2015, so a year ago, but this new one was a few miles away by subway, so with a wheelchair this was a whole new thing for me.

If you think scooting around in a wheelchair in a major city on/off a subway train is a piece of cake, just remember your first time you ever tried it (I was alone.) I fooblyDoobled around, went hours early to be on time, found a great preshow restaurant (India), and the theatre wheelchair seating was in the FIRST ROW so I was practically in the laps of the dancers, and it was just perfect.

Since I'm in govt-supported housing, my rental contract is controlled by the Feds, their accounting systems are hopeless (and dangerous), I went to court this month and the judge actually told the Feds where to put it (I'd already done that in nonlegal terms) and he approved my parallel system, which is to take my butt down to a nearby homeless office and plunk down a moneyorder IN FRONT OF A REAL PERSON who then signs for it, to prove that I gave it to a person and did not mail it to a machine who is trying to eat me up just like my cancers are.

Enough already with Federal wallet cancer!

The last thing turning my world is that this is not the only place where I live. It's a whole different thing to do creative photography, control my meds a lot (have fired seven doctors along the way since 2013), talk to friends and colleagues in Texas and Europe, and to journal in this journal about it all.

It's basic in theatre lighting design that there must be contrast, places onstage where you do NOT design any light, other places where you color the shadows... without darkness to offset it, there would be no light, if everything is one (or the other) what you experience is void, oblivion.

Yes, Virginia, there was and is Lucifer, the "light-bearer" in Latin, now as a fallen angel we call the Devil; and the term 'photography' is made of two Greek words, meaning 'writing with light.'

I'll get down with light. May there be more in your life also.


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Jan. 24th, 2016 09:01 pm (UTC)
I for one am glad to see you're still kickin it. the last year has been one of loss. several friends dying, in process of losing my home & becoming homeless, career changes, etc. so while i don't get on lj often anymore, when I do, I'm always glad to see a post of yours. especially one filled with semi-good news.

praying for you friend. you've always been a light in the dark & you deserve to get that light shined back on you as well. =)
Jan. 25th, 2016 12:18 am (UTC)
for ROGUE 1717
Thanks for all of this, R. Looks like you're having a kindasorta parallel path with me, when I got off the plane in Boston a couple years ago, no idea where I'd live either, beyond the first five days.

I was guided. And I still am. And I really feel it.

Love to hear some more details about your life, if you'd care to PM me.

And you still keep on being a part of my light...why? Hold up a mirror.

~Brad/Silverplat88 co-Mod at KIOTA her memorial site
Feb. 3rd, 2016 08:41 am (UTC)
YAY for the judge being on your side, there need to be more people like that in the world!

Keep being strong, you have it in you to fight!
Feb. 3rd, 2016 08:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, the face-to-face happens tomorrow with Beth, the representative of the judge. She gets the $$ and I get time with her and her signature and lots of her TLC!

TLC is good to have anytime, anywhere.
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