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antibiotics dance

This icon is a picture I took of Fawath when I visited Palestine in 2008, she is enrolled with other kids in an elementary school in Ramallah and the actors + I were packing up after an improv show, after the show she was the only kid who did not want to go out and play like the rest of them, instead she helped us coil cable and inspected some of the props VERY carefully before packing them in their cases!!

She's ten and she jumped into the diplomatic van, on the seat right next to me when we were taking off, with totally mournful eyes. I asked the driver about Diplomatic Immunity for her to get us through the checkpoints and she answered Did I want to start an international incident with Israel?

F clung to me for a moment and then jumped out to run to the playground and grab a couple of mates on the swings.

Well, that was then, this is now, and on this 27 April 2015 I am clutched in this antibiotics dance, just got back last night from the ER, ambulance has taken me up there three times in the last NINE days. They put me on two sulfa drugs double-strength, 1920 Mg per day --- your basic Tylenol is 250, maybe 500 Mg --- so I'm getting twice as much as the normal dosage... and for twice as long, too.

When the dance is over I will have run something like forty-four THOUSAND Mg through me.

And that is just one of the nine drugs I have to take.

Cancer, like rust, never sleeps. It makes colonies while YOU sleep. Or, try to.. So far I have its main office in what's left of my prostate, one other in my bladder lining, more in my lower bowel. Harvard zapped me with something like a total of 184 million electronVolts of high-intensity gamma-ray photon radiation last winter, six times a week, until I got so sick I had to stop. Radiation poisoning, and I don't even work in a nuclear weapons lab!!

The pain is beyond belief. Even the scheduled narcotic they gave me does not work.

So Palestine was lots more fun. Amaf we played practically in the shadow of Arafat's Memorial Tomb, replete with suspicious PA soldiers.

So I wanna go back to Ramallah and jump on the swings with the kids. Fawath will push me!

In fact, she's doing that right now.


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Apr. 27th, 2015 07:20 pm (UTC)
I finished with my Gamma Knife in March, and it left me with burns. :(

*Hug* I hope you start feeling better.
Apr. 27th, 2015 07:45 pm (UTC)
Ty BK I've always loved your icon! ... standing rocklike against the wind and rain.

OMG no burns here yet, maybe I stopped in time! Just wrote the doc re antigen injections to see if he wants to go on, those were amazing, did not feel a thing in my butt, not even a prick, really.

*Hug back* atm i am feeling numb, that's a good thing, just moving slowly!!
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