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09 april 1911 part ye second

More country wisdom (rural Vermont) coming to mind. Good angels at work?

There were some things that Mom used to tell us:

"Waste not, want not."

"You cut your coat to fit your cloth."

The first means once you throw good stuff away, you will be pissed when you need it and it's gone.

The second means if you're short on resources (cloth) you don't plan to buy stuff (cut your coat) which you don't have enough money to pay for, sitting right in your hand, right now. You wait/work harder so you get more cloth to acquire what you want.

Of course the USA (which for a couple years back there the People's Republic of Vermont was NOT part of) --- the US of A does not listen to any of that, we owe ourselves thirty thousand apiece (or something like that) in national debt, it has rocketed up into the trillions, Congress argues incessantly about where to spend all this money we do not have. And will not have, for generations to come. Hopefully they will keep on coming.

And our mighty credit card companies do not listen to that either. They have figured out how to make something (18% per year, used to be) out of nothing (the cloth you don't yet have.)

However --- "America -- Love It or Leave It." Country wisdom did not say that, hardhats in the sixties did.


The Kingston Trio was a popular folk-pop group waaaaay back then some 60 years ago, to most/all of you who are reading this the KT will make no sense, you were not around then, but, well.

In one of their holiday songs they sang:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat,
Please to put a penny in the old man's hat.
If you haven't got a penny, then a ha-penny will do;
If you haven't got a ha-penny, then God bless you!

Indeed. Blessings Be.

As cancer is turning my insides to Pablum (we called it Maltex in those days, a yummy breakfast cereal, a far better memory), these are warm thoughts. Cancer should go have breakfast somewhere else. But I don't decide about that!

Mom didn't either, it was dear old Dad with the hereditary screwy genes.

A favourite VT legend is the Allen brothers, Ethan and Ira. These two stalwarts were master brewers of strong colonial hooch; one of them founded the University of Vermont in 1791, and Ethan had some words for New Hampshiremen and New York Staters who wanted to bring soldiers to grab all the land up there.

He was a guerrila-war expert 200 years before Charlie (as in Victor Charlie, walkieTalkie code for NVA/VietCong and their ARVN sympathizers, not Charlie as in Hebdo).

Saint Ethan said "I shall retire up into the hills and caves of Vermont and make war on all mankind!"

Attackers thought he was too dangerous, certifiably nuts. They retreated, wanted to leave him alone.

So was born our republic. Vermont is a contraction of the Latin "viridis montes", also French for Green Mountains. Our current militia is the Vermont Air National Guard, aka The Green Mountain Boys, who regularly fly over Ethan's caves and do very well at interstate ANG shoot-em-up meets where they outgun much larger states. Little, but oh my!

And there still is strong colonial hooch. Its name these days is NOT Magic Hat.

Soyeah. Lots of wisdom from these li'l farmers of yore. We also happen to have the only Independent/Socialist Senator in Congress, yay third parties. Sen. Bernie Sanders rants and raves about Republicans spending against the people instead of FOR them. Former mayor of Burlington (founded 1773), my first hometown.

Ethan lives on!

In the old man's hat.


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