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we bled inside each other's wounds

Another xref to posting today:


Just finished a reunion today with one other student I was mentoring at the same time as Ki: this was at the Fletcher Allen Health Center at the University of Vermont at Burlington, she graduated with her degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology. My main role with her was not the science, though I learned a lot about that -- she'd originally been born in Ben Tre, suburb of Saigon (you might remember Ben Tre as a battle site in the Vietnam War), and I was giving her lots of time in an ESL capacity. Her native language is Vietnamese and she had to polish her English well enough to be able to talk with a wide range of medical professionals, and YOW they certainly tested her carefully on it. She had to give a paper in English to an auditorium full of med profs, docs, interns, nurses, and then take any questions they thought of and communicate the answers precisely in English, not just the words, the pronunciation too.

So we rehearsed that a lot.

Today she holds multiple certifications and licenses in radiation technologies, lives about an hour away from me, got married, had two kids, her bf then is her husband now, they all came to the hospital to party in celebration of my bday, which had been last Monday the 23rd. Hadn't seen her since 2007.

As my health has gone south, turning into major crap these last few months, I thought the hospital meetup was a good idea, the ER is right there. You never know.

Well, yes, I DO know, just don't know WHEN, these things happen with no warning. They have these past 13 months, anyway.

And I don't have to explain anything to her about radiation poisoning, either, she won't have to read it in a book, I'm right there!

So it was wonderful and warm to have the meetup. Three hours! They insisted on buying me lunch, and it was great. Kids are five and two, they had a hell of a time, playing in a new place.

Of course the food was good. After all, Harvard, y'know.


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