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it doesn't have to be sad or scary

Alice Sebold is a distinctive author, and one of her distinctions is that she successfully prosecuted the man who'd sexually attacked her when she was a Syracuse first-year student; wrote about it in a class creative writing workshop, as Ki had too. Then Alice was finally able to complete her memoir, as a book, after grad school, some 15 or 16 years later. Published it in 1999 as "Lucky", where she says "The word LUCKY is my shorthand for "blessed." I have been blessed by the people in my life."

As I have too. As I will be into my tomorrows.

Years later, many blessings.

This thirteenth of April, today, is a bridge back to 2008, just after midnight when Kiota signed off LJ for the last time and moved into memory, leaving us mourning but thankful for her gifts of blessings.

In 2002 Alice published a fantasy novel titled "The Lovely Bones." A second distinctive book. Her fictional heroine is Susie Salmon, who dies violently at 14 but then goes on to write the story of what happens afterward to her family, and of her life in heaven; in one situation she's briefly able to "borrow" another body for what really is an out-of-body experience of love.

Susie tells about "Ruth, who wanted everyone to believe what she knew...that the dead truly talk to us, that in the air between the living, spirits bob and weave and laugh with us. They are the oxygen we breathe. ... I became manifest in whatever way they wanted me to be... the dead are here all the time. You can talk to us and think about us. It doesn't have to be sad or scary... these were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence... the connections -- sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent -- that happened after I was gone."

Susie and Alice mean connections among other people, linkages to other lives. In the LJ universe of four years ago, many of my Friends journaled their sorrows and their anguish, and I think this helps healing. Ki did this continually. The trajectory of Alice's writing, across some thirty years now, also does this for her.

Connections that happened after she was gone. More accurately, grew stronger and closer.

Evangeline Markvoort, journaling here as 65redroses, wrote "I will live on in the hearts of those who love me."

And she does, also.

Four years might be a long bridge but it's quite quickly traveled.

Doesn't have to be sad. Or scary.
(At least not sad forever.)

And as Ki also wrote, "Just remember, I'm not suffering anymore."

Going back to those words moves you on a longer bridge, years before 2008.

Also quite quickly traveled. And, connected.

"I became manifest in any way they wanted me to be."

They are the oxygen we breathe.

Blessings Be.


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