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Class of 2011

This Friday, June 10th, members of the Class of 2011 at Evergreen will graduate. The ceremonies will be held outdoors in Red Square, the large public plaza on campus ringed by classroom buildings, the student center, and the library and the clocktower. For the next couple days at least, it's featured on their homepage at http://www.evergreen.edu At least a few in that Class will remember Kiota and the few months she was with them. Certainly her teachers will.

Ki took the icon picture in this entry, among many others.

A bench in front of the libe at Red Square was where we first met irl on a damp Tuesday night in April. I remember all the excitements of that night and of our next three days. And it was at the end of her life, as it turned out. Which I didn't know then. None of us did.

We spent lots of time discussing the design of a photo exhibit and reception for her, at my home theatre in Texas, after she'd returned from her tour of Cambodia that summer and edited her new work which she'd create there.

Despite all her anguished troubles with her roommates, there were classmates living on other floors in her dorm who had become really concerned about her and reached out; at least they did to me, and through me. Their caring and worry also are things I won't forget.

Ki had been composing deeply incisive essays and was working on her photograph galleries, as well as beginning to assemble a video project. There are links to her creativity on her newly-created memorial website http://kiota.livejournal.com hosted by gothicotter. At Deviant Art, the gallery she was starting to show to professional exhibitors is at

And since photography means, literally, writing with light, indeed that's what she was doing. Her heart is behind each one of her photos, and especially in her "Evergreeners" series when the weather was good enough in February and March to do effective work outside. Classmates playing Frisbee, smoking, making music, drowsing in the sun. She takes you right back to campus that Spring, it's in every image, and she's behind each shot.

Some of you who will read this are also in your own Class of 2011, though probably you're not at Evergreen. Graduation is a milestone of moving on, in many ways. And it is also a time of remembering. Bright things as well as dark. Hope. Challenges. The light of victories emerging where everything once seemed midnight.

Writing with light. Across calendars. Beyond them.

Those whose lives were touched by her counseling (even saved by her) will never forget either.

Some events in our lives rise above all the corrosions of time.
These are among them.

And some Friends do too. Deeply cared for in their absent presence.

Blessings Be.


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