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April 30, 1989

Since tomorrow is April 30 once more, it's Kiota's 22nd birthday.

It will be celebrated here though she's not present in a physical sense, as we usually understand it. Those who are remembered, live as long as we embrace their memory.

Today was the Royal wedding of Kate and Prince William, it just finished, national Dutch TV broadcast it all. Although they followed the Anglican ceremony mostly, at one point they included a prayer both of them had written, and it was read to the congregation by the Bishop of London.

Two things in their original prayer are important to tomorrow. One is that, no matter how busy with our daily schedules we become, we should try to keep in our hearts those things that transcend all the busy-ness we have, because they are ultimately more important. Like love and commitment and other things belonging both to now and to eternity.

The other was the ending of their prayer, which asked for support in their efforts to help others who will need their help, who have less than they do. Or will need their help in other ways. People they will be led to if they are aware.

Kiota's presences go away only as far as you want them to.

Maybe two billions of people all over the world watched all or part of the ceremonies.

Yours can be much more private than that. But, interlinked.

The icon is a favourite of mine: sun and rain beneath the clouds. She took the photo from a jetliner window while she was flying over Europe.

And shared it.

And still does.


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Apr. 29th, 2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
I will never forget her.
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