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it's nice to be asked

...the post has not very much to do with this icon, actually. However, the image is also nice although I'm assuming these lovers did not spend much time asking each other anything. Think she's doing finger-to-hand language with her...

To continue: the operator of the 30-ton crane is fearless. He dangles at the edge of his excavation which could fall in at any moment -- and did, more than once -- although when that happened he wasn't there and everyone scrambled away from the sandslides... he worked this close

And the assistants are also fearless, they go right up between the spread treads to talk or drink coffee or work, even though the crane is made of steel and they are not:

And here's Arie, the foreman, working in the pit and right next to the bucket, I'm more than three meters above him dangling off the edge of a temporary steel beam. The crane driver is out of sight to the R and cannot see Arie at all. It's all done by hand signals through a third person, and shadows. And prayers...

The whole location is so deep and sand-shifty that this is the only way -- and the safest way, haha -- to get down in there: hop a passing bucket! This will give you a size-reference:

He's been doing this for 34 years so far, therefore he must be doing something right... zigging when the buckets zag?

There's a DayCare school across the street which keeps operating through all of this. The crew took time to lay a safe bridge for the kids, here one class is leaving on a field trip: simple and caring and personal.

I got so far into all of this that I ended up taking hundreds of shots, maybe it was the thrill of danger? I fell once onto concrete and skinned my hand and scrubbed the camera case, we were both alright. Then I was in a minor sandslide: I leaned out to get a better angle and my foot just slid down [but not very far. Except that parts of the barrier fence fell over behind me and next to meee tooo...]

Anyway, I loaded up a flash drive and gave it to Arie because he wanted to see some shots he was in; the next thing I knew, the company wrote and asked me if they could publish some of these in their promotional work.

So I guess I'll be published! Maybe I'll be on their website.

It was so amazing to be asked. They're a big construction company in these parts.

I'm still floating even though the street has no holes any longer.

Float, float.

Maybe it's like finger-language with a shutter button...


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