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writing beyond time

Yesterday was April 30, Ki's twenty-first birthday.

This icon is one of the first photos she took at Evergreen when she arrived on campus for her freshman year.

To honor this Friday, I took some more of my own, writing with light, which is the literal meaning of the word 'photograph'.

I like this one because I managed to catch the seagull sailing between the new blossoms of the tree; there were lots more blossoms, but we had rain and wind, and now most are in the street...

These are the two sisters I posted about, one of the stories in Guy Jacobson's film "RedLight", who were taken out of one of the exploitation rings in Cambodia and put into Somaly Mam's orphanage where they were now safe in their new home and went through vocational training for a new life; it's a newsprint photo...

One of the things I did yesterday which I'd never done before [even after ALL this time here!] was go on a canal boat tour around the city. The boat rode very low in the water because some of the bridges you pass under are about one foot higher than you, even sitting down, so you get to duck *way* down to avoid... umm ... misfortune. Most were at least two-thirds lower than this one... Coming out of the darkness into the light fascinated me, it was like the sun coming up again after so much night...

The street outside our hostel has been torn up to install new water pipes. For a lot of schoolkids on an exchange trip, it was a big long sandbox [about 104 meters / 341 feet long.] The kids found great chances to write love notes [or some kind of notes] into the sand and to roll on the tops of some of the waiting pipe. They were serious about the writing, too...

Now this is all gone: the kids back to France, the sand tamped flat under new paved bricks, the rest of the pipes now buried. To carry new water and new power, phone lines, even Internet cabling. Not in the same pipe, of course :)

All of this relates in one way or others to Kiota, right down to the fact that I am even taking photographs at all, what I see in my viewfinder [which looks both ways, it seems], and even to the choice of equipment. Pictures help you do as much time travel as you want, or as little. Depends what's going on behind your eyes as you look... and in your heart.

Far from "freezing a moment in time" as many people express it, for me photography is a bridge into new regions, almost a living thing. It's making secret notes in the sand; soaring higher than the blossoms; the dreams of children for a new life; and emerging into a new light as you glide somehow above the water and under the concrete, your life in the hands of the boatman and others in another boat you might meet around the curve of darkness where you can't yet see.

Especially emerging into the new light.

Yesterday, yes.... yesterday and all days.


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